Population And Conspiracies About It

Number of people and whataboutery

Population and population density

The number of people living in a certain area or space is called Population. And the number of people living in a unit area is called Population Density.

China is the most populated country in the world. Latest count for 2022 says the number of people living in China is 1,425,887,337. The second most populated country is India, having 1,417,173,173 people here. USA is in the third position with its population of 338,289,857.

But in case of population density, these countries are not even in the list of top 10. In 2020, Monaco was the most densely populated country, population density was 19,361/km². Singapore is in the second position, with 8,019 people per km².


According to population theories, population density has some impact on the economy, and employment. But, this doesn’t turn out to be true in all cases. Yet, the propagandists use this theory to explain economic breakdown, unemployment and famine, and moreover, they replace "Population density" with population while spreading these propagandas. According to those propagandas,

  • Population and unemployment

Unemployment occurs due to the large population. In India, this has been propagated since the last 15 years with a very well planned format. They say that this huge number of people are unnecessary and this much labour power is not needed in production.

  • Population and hunger

Again they say that this huge number of people is the reason for hunger and famine. This food product is not available, and can't be produced.

  • Populations and poverty

So, there is no scope of job, there is no extra money and there is a large population. Hence poverty comes to a gigantic level. They explain poverty in such a way.

  • Population and religion

And then they connect the population with religion and religious politics. Most of these theorists(conspiracists) propagate that Muslims are those who reproduce so much and cause overpopulation. People from other religions are not like muslims, at least now. So, eradicating Muslims can be a solution for all these problems.

What they forget is, if there is plenty of labour work in a region, how is it possible that there is a lack of production? And especially when the population density is not high. They also forget that all the most populated and most densely populated countries are non-muslim countries. Yet, these theories are getting propagated strongly and rapidly.