People Often Use The Term "I'm Not Living, I'm Just Existing" – What Is The Difference?

Are you living or simply existing?

It’s a question that many people feel compelled to answer. Because many of us are advised to develop to stay in a “free” society. One the place each person can follow their dreams. At every stage of our lives, it is necessary to consider whether we are living our lives or if we turn out to be complacent and simply exist. Many people don’t even think about the concept that they ought to be doing something extraordinary with their lives till it is too late.

In this context, existing can be a “living on autopilot” concept. You go through every day following the prescribed direction of things you “have” to do without any idea of your desires or what you prefer to do. For most human beings who even consider whether or not they are living or simply existing, this means going to a job which they hate – or, at best, tolerate – for around eight hours or more each weekday.

What are the Differences?

The difference between living and existing is incredibly easy to define then:

If you are living – truly living – you wake up with a motive more than “I should pay the bills” every day. You have a dream, and, at least for some time, you chase it.

If you are alive, you are possibly also grateful for what you have. You don’t have to chase money-based desires of things you desire to be capable of buying.

Someone who is living isn’t afraid of change. They understand that existence doesn’t remain the same forever. Things happen. They live every second as it happens and are content enough with themselves that they don’t want to be regularly striving for the next promotion, the subsequent pay rise, the next barely higher job, which they will still – at exceptional – tolerate.

On the other hand, Existing is simply getting the things you want to survive.

Life is a fine balance between existing and living. In many cases, it is our curiosity that urges us to live as a substitute of simply existing. Nurture your curiosity. Feed your curiosity. And when you have a choice, choose living. Even now, when things are opening up again and are back to normal, you can choose LIVING rather than EXISTING.