How To Understand If Someone Is Your True Friend

A friend in need, a friend indeed

You’ll make a lot of special buddies at some stage in your life; however real friends are challenging to come by and far more rewarding. Luckily, real friends are exceptionally easy to spot, and understanding the signs and symptoms of a true friend will assist you in determining who to get closer to and who to stay away from. Here are some signs and symptoms of a real friend.

The art of conversation

See if they genuinely pay attention to you. Sometimes all you want is for any person to shut up and listen. True buddies always are aware of how to shut their mouths and open their ears, as long as you can do the same from time to time. They make eye contact when talking, keep what you've instructed them in mind, and ask considerate questions. Notice who does most of the talking. In a perfect friendship, each pal must roughly share an equal amount.

If you feel like you are constantly the one listening to your friend's problems, then you are no longer getting your fair share of the friendship.

If your friend is searching around the room and checking their smartphone every time you talk or has no recollection of you stating you had been applying to law school, they're possibly fake buddies and not worthy of your time.

Giving time to each other

Think about whether or not they make time for you. Life can be nuts, and finding time to sleep, work, and eat is tough, let alone socialize. But a real friend will usually make time for you, even when it’s not convenient for them. So why are they even your friend if they can not find the time to hang out or discuss on the phone?

If your buddy is correct about scheduling phone, lunch, or dinner dates and constantly follows through, then you have a precise friend. Congrats! Make sure you do the equal and make time for them.

If your buddy never makes time for you, constantly complains about how life has been "crazy busy," and expects you to work around their schedule, then you have a problem.