Make Sure That People Around You Aren’t Fake

Don't get trapped by fake people 

It’s no longer challenging to tell if a person is fake, but sometimes we have to maintain a friendship with them. But what are the consequences of having a pal who goes about life insincerely?

For starters

When any person isn’t themselves, you can in no way believe them completely. That means you can’t believe them with your facts or problems and possibly can’t share your top news or deepest secrets.

Someone continuously pretending to care and never genuinely did can make you feel worthless and frustrated.

So if you suspect that any person in your life is pretty fake, it's high time to think about moving on.

Here are some signs and symptoms by which you can confirm if anyone is faking your friendship.

Only around when it's convenient for them

You may go weeks or months from listening to someone, but only because they want or want something from you. A fake person will intentionally go into silent mode and be endlessly busy until they again wish you for something.

For example, They might call and ask you for a favour, or they will text you to be a part of them for lunch, but you have to drive them because their car is in the shop, or they will make you pay for some stupid reason like forgetting wallet at home. On the other hand, perhaps they invite you to dinner because some other buddy bailed, and they already had reservations!


Disappearing when you want the most is the common act among fake people. They stick to you when getting what they want from you; however, the minute you want something from them, they disappear.

They can’t even fathom missing out on their lives to help some other individual in need. If you ask them for help or need them, they will start to make excuses.

Not Paying Attention 

Another clear signal of a fake friend is to see if they will happily take over and dominate your conversations. For example, counterfeit buddies will easily discuss their latest problems and troubles for an hour but have no time to hear when you attempt to relate.

Yeah, sure, they fake to pay attention, but they are always on their phones, updating statuses or speaking to anybody else while sitting right in front of you. They don’t pay attention or seem to care while around you. They’ll zone out or make some off-the-cuff comment that tells you they are not listening. This can make you feel sad and exhausted. Take a word of how you feel after interacting with someone.