How To Deal With Street Dogs?

 Tips to tackle street dogs 

We all have faced street dogs. However, sometimes they raise problems if we don't know how to deal with them properly. Life for a street dog on the road is difficult. So we should be kind and caring towards them. Here, learn how to properly deal with dogs in order that you are both protected. 

  1. Stay calm and don't run

This is the most important thing to remember while walking. If a street dog is barking at you, it is most probable warning you to stay off its area. It will stand at the facet of its territory and bark to warn you against coming into it. As long as you stay calm and walk away from the dog, you should have no problem.

One thing to always remember, do not run away. Street dogs are always up for chase. This is the reason you often see dogs chasing bicycles and motorbikes.

  1. Distract the dog with some other object

You need to carry treats or toys while traveling in dangerous dog's areas. If threatened by any street dog, throw the treats away from you. The dog may go after the treats instead of you. Like this, you can distract the dogs while you can give yourself time to escape.
  1. Freeze

If a street dog is barking at you, simply stop and stand still. Depending on the situation or the way you feel, you can slowly sit. But in case you move fast, they may attack. So do not do anything but wait.
  1. Ask locals for help

Locals are the most helpful when dealing with street dogs. As a matter of fact, you are unlikely to have any real problem as long as locals are nearby. The dogs will recognize them, and the people will know a way to address the neighborhood strays.. If no locals are around and you do not realize what to do, to avoid injury, simply yell for help.
  1. Pretend to pick up a stone or rock

Pick a small rock and aim at them. You don't need to do it for real, just pretend. This is a gesture that every street dog all over the world has learned to understand as it causes pain. Which sadly says about the abuse they frequently receive.

However, it'll make the dogs more aggressive, but they will keep a deferential distance.