Military Nurse Faces Charges for Sneaking to Meet BTS Member Jin

BTS member Jin is presently fulfilling his military enlistment obligations, while concerns were raised in January due to a security lapse within his division.

On May 18, 2023, Korean media received information suggesting that a military nurse serving at the 28th Infantry Division is currently under suspicion for two offences. Firstly, it is alleged that she leaked multiple medicinal goods, and secondly, she is suspected of leaving her post during work hours to visit BTS’s Jin.

According to an insider, in January, around 1:30 PM, the nurse used her personal vehicle to travel for approximately 30 minutes to the 5th Infantry Division, where Jin was stationed. It was discovered that she had a personal connection with another nurse at the 5th Infantry Division and planned the visit to approach Jin, using the excuse of assisting with vaccinations.

During her visit, the nurse remained at the 5th Infantry Division for a duration of two hours, specifically from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Her purpose was to administer the second round of the hemorrhagic fever vaccine to Jin. Once she completed her duties at the 5th Infantry Division, it is claimed that she returned to her station and openly boasted about the experience, spreading the word that “BTS’s Jin expressed significant discomfort during the vaccination process.”

Violation of military laws

The nurse’s failure to report her departure from the station prior to leaving is deemed an illegal act. In accordance with military law, unauthorised leave from one’s assigned station carries potential penalties of up to a year of imprisonment or monetary fines.

Suspected illegal distribution of medication

The nurse is suspected of unlawfully sending bulk quantities of Tylenol to the 5th Infantry Division’s new recruit training division. A recorded phone call revealed her promise to transfer Tylenol from the 28th Infantry Division to address the 5th Infantry Division’s medicine shortage. This act violates regulations as each division has its own ration, which is strictly monitored. Soldiers with pre-existing conditions cannot possess personal medication and must receive daily dispensation from base medical staff.

The nurse denied the suspicions, stating that she had reported a request for collaborative work before leaving her station. She emphasised that leaving for personal reasons for another division would be unreasonable. The insider revealed the nurse’s plan to manipulate others to support her story. Asking Jin for an autograph, even within the same base, is punishable, according to the insider’s recommendation.

Currently, Jin serves as an assistant trainer at the 5th Infantry Division.


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