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Mahindra XUV300 to Be Called 3X0: Top Cars That Have Been Sold With Different Names

This is not the first time a manufacturer has renamed one of its model

The Mahindra XUV300 has not been updated for ages, but now, the company finally feels it requires a facelift. Therefore, on April 29, Mahindra will launch the facelifted version of the XUV300. However, there's a twist, and it is in the name. Instead of retaining the old moniker, Mahindra has decided to call the XUV300 as the 3XO. While we still have to wait to learn about what the car has new to offer, in this article, we address some of the cars that have been launched with different names in various parts of the world. 

Suzuki Splash

Now discontinued, the Maruti Ritz launched in India was known as the Suzuki Splash in Japan. Unfortunately, the car failed to impress the Indian audience and eventually made way for the Ignis. While the Ritz was offered in 1,197cc petrol and 1,248cc diesel avatars, the Ignis is only offered in a 1,197cc petrol variant. As of now, in India, the car starts at INR 5.85 lakh ex-showroom and goes up to INR 8.11 lakh ex-showroom. 

Ford Everest

Ford has announced that the Endeavour is set to return to the Indian market soon after the company pulled out of the nation in 2021. One of the most loved SUVs in India, the Endeavour is sold as the Ford Everest in over 200 markets worldwide. For the record, the Endeavour is a five-door version of Ford's famous pickup truck, the Ranger. The Endeavour is likely to return to India in 2025 with a price tag of close to INR 40–50 lakh, ex-showroom. 

The gigantic Ford Everest

Volkswagen Polo Sedan 

The Polo is one of the most successful products from the German manufacturer Volkswagen, and in India, it holds a special place despite being discontinued in 2022. Another car that is equally successful in India and abroad is the Volkswagen Vento, which is based on the Polo platform but has an extended boot that makes it look like a sedan. Therefore, in many foreign markets, the Vento is sold as the Polo Sedan. 

Baojun 530 and Chevrolet Captiva

Morris Garages (MG) may be a British company, but many may not know that it was acquired by Shanghai's SAIC Motor. Therefore, SAIC Motor sells what is called Hector in India as the Baojun 530 in several markets. Given that there is also a collaboration between SAIC and GM, known as SAIC General Motors Corporation Limited, a rebadged version of the Hector is sold by Chevrolet as Captiva. 

Baojun 350 – a car which is rebadged as the Hector

Honda Fit

Launched in 2009, the Honda Jazz turned out to be one of the sportiest hatchbacks in India back then, but the sales figures did not work in the company's favour. Nonetheless, the company also launched a second iteration of the car in 2015. However, due to the introduction of stringent pollution norms, the car was discontinued in 2023. While the car is sold as the Jazz in Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, in Japan and America, it is called the Honda Fit. 

Toyota SW4

Another SUV that has a huge fan base in the Indian market, the Toyota Fortuner, is mainly sold by the same name in the majority of countries. However, for reasons unknown, the Fortuner is sold as the SW4 in the Brazil and Argentina markets. In India, the current-gen model begins at INR 33 lakh and goes up to INR 51 lakh, ex-showroom.