An Insight Into the Diet of Indian Astronauts on Gaganyaan Mission

During their trips, the astronauts will be fed Indian food, and numerous organisations are preparing special foods. 

It is crucial to ensure the astronauts’ safety as India gets ready for the launch of its grandiose Gaganyaan mission, which seeks to put humans into space for the first time. Along with having a strong end-to-end infrastructure, it’s important to feed the astronauts well when they travel outside of Earth. Idlis, though, appear to be off the menu at the moment.

Reason behind this decision

The chief of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), S. Somnath, has stated that Indian cuisine will be supplied to the astronauts throughout their flights. Several organisations are also trying to create specialised menus and food items for these amazing journeys.

Idli Sambar won’t be available during brief missions, such as debut launches. The astronauts will instead only be allowed to eat one sort of meal, palletized food that is fed through tubes. However, a broader selection of specially prepared food, including chicken, would be made accessible to them on lengthy missions. The food will be of a kind comparable to what we eat on Earth.

Somnath said, “We will develop it over a period of time. The Indian Air Force is the primary source for astronauts, as they are experienced pilots capable of withstanding such environments. They are currently undergoing training as astronaut candidates.”

Somnath’s statement 

Regarding the timeline for the Gaganyaan mission’s launch, Somnath said, as quoted by India Today, “I am not putting a date for the launch of the final human mission. Our focus is to do what is needed to reach that point where we can launch astronauts.”

“It is my responsibility to showcase to the nation that we are reaching that state, and it’s important for us to do that carefully since human lives are involved in sustained manned missions,” Somnath ended.

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