Try These 5 Natural Tricks To Keep The Bugs Away From Your Home In This Season

Summers are the ideal season for bugs and insects to wake up from hibernation and enter your homes. If you want to know how to keep them away without using harmful chemicals, we are here with some expert tips.

Insect repellents and pest sprays often do more damage than good. You can check on the harsh chemicals with harmful side effects just by Googling the names of the components. We have the answers you’re looking for if you’re trying to figure out how to keep bugs out of your home without using chemicals. These no-side-effects, do-it-yourself repellents work like a charm. To learn more about natural methods for bug prevention around the house, read the article.

Put up Screens and Mosquito Nets

Many people who own bungalows let the outside air in by opening windows and doors. On those hot and steamy summer days, this is necessary. Fleas, mosquitoes, and a variety of insects love the warm weather of summer and find it an ideal time to invade your home. So screens and nets are perfect to let the air in and keep the pests out.

Repair the Holes and Cracks in Your Walls

Many insects are quite little, so they can sneak inside a home through gaps that a human eye would never see. That’s why sealing up any openings is such an effective method of pest-proofing your property.

Seal the Doors In The Evening

In the same way that a locked door helps deter intruders, a properly sealed doorway can help keep out annoying pests. It’s likely that if you take the time to investigate your entryways carefully, you’ll uncover a surprising number of places where bugs might easily sneak in.

Eucalyptus Spray

All varieties of eucalyptus are effective insect repellents. Putting some eucalyptus leaves around your kitchen is all that’s required. Don’t have fresh leaves? To get rid of flies, just put a cloth with some eucalyptus oil on it in a room where they tend to congregate.

Peppermint Spray

Both rats and spiders have an aversion to peppermint. We’re going to turn this situation to our advantage by mixing peppermint oil with water to create a spray. You may use this spray on spider webs and in areas frequented by rodents and other pests.

Basil Spray

Basil bugs are attracted to the aroma of basil plants. A potted version of the herb can be maintained in the kitchen. You may produce an insect repellent by boiling water containing basil leaves, straining off the leaves, mixing in some clear alcohol, and spraying the resulting concoction in areas with a high bug population.

Vinegar Spray

Combine soapy water with a little amount of vinegar. Fly and fruit-fly species are attracted to the smell of vinegar, yet once they try to land, they become stuck in the soap water and can’t get free.

Ground Coffee

The smell of freshly roasted coffee may be invigorating to humans, but it is repulsive to insects. Scatter any remaining ground coffee in cracks and crevices around your residence, such as the edges of windows, door frames, and corners. This will give your house the scent of your favorite coffee shop and keep the flies away.


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