Coolest Beaches To Visit as Summer Vacation ’23 Begins

If you are a beach person waiting for the summer to enjoy a dive in your favorite ocean, we have the perfect list of beaches you can choose from. Read on!

What could be more satisfying than gathering your loved ones together to watch the sun go down from a beach? Putting a footprint upon the wet sand, only to have it washed away by a gentle wave, is a rite of passage for each beachgoer. With the Bay of Bengal to the eastward, the Arabian Sea to the west, plus the Indian Ocean to the south, India has no shortage of beautiful beaches with breathtaking scenery and exciting recreational opportunities. Read on to know them all.

Om Beach

Om, in Karnataka, is one of India's cleanest beaches. It is additionally referred to as Kudle Beach. Tourists from all around the world frequent this area. Enjoy the perfect evening as you dine at one of the many nearby restaurants while taking in the stunning sunset.

Palolem Beach

This stretch of white sand in South Goa is a favorite with tourists and locals alike. It's worth checking out the local silent discos,' when revelers tune out the world around them by wearing headphones. Many people from other countries visit here. Dhanushkodi is the only site in India where you may truly feel like you are surrounded by nothing but the sea. Dhanushkodi, a finger of land off Tamil Nadu's Pamban Island, is one of India's most breathtaking portions of coastline.


Varkala Beach, Kerala, also known as Papanasam Beach, is a sight to see due to its location among towering cliffs and plentiful natural springs. Discovery Channel named it one of the greatest 10-season beaches in the entire globe due to the abundance of water-based activities available there. The greatest ayurveda treatments and therapies may be found at the beach's renowned ayurvedic centers.

Rock Beach

Rock Beach has naturally embellished with a promenade lined with palm trees, making it a wonderful site to see a perfect dawn. French influence may be seen in the nearby alleys and in the local culture. The setting is ideal for unwinding with a cup of coffee.

Maravanthe Beach

This beach has golden sand, a beautiful blue sky, waving palm palms, and a seemingly infinite shore. An intriguing spot, this beach is where the Souparnika River meets the Arabian Sea. The ocean and the river form a natural border on each side of the national highway as it cuts across the beach. It has an unparalleled vista.