Summer-licious! Smoothies that your kid will love

These smoothies are just perfect for those hot sunny days!

Summer brings with it a whopping number of issues to our life. Having said that, the hot season also has loads of goodness that we can never get enough of! Precisely, it offers us an abundance of fruits that we can consume to beat the heat and stay fit and healthy.

Now, you may find it hard to get your kids to eat those fruits regularly. Well, you are surely not alone. And trust me, there's hope!

You can make fruits smoothies that your kids will definitely love! They are sweet and creamy, just like milkshakes, and rich in many different nutrients. Also, be it as a breakfast item, a dessert, or a quick snack later in the day - smoothies can keep your little ones cool and satiated at any time!

So, without further ado, let's have a look at the recipe of three fruits smoothies that your kids will love this season.

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

This smoothie is so creamy that your kids will relish it beyond anything!

You will need a frozen ripe banana, orange juice, vanilla extract, yogurt, soy milk, and orange zest. To make it more nutritious, you can add some mashed kale or spinach as well.

Mango Ice Cream Smoothie

There's no debate that mango is the most loved fruit during summer. And what better way to have it than in the form of a delicious smoothie?

It's very easy to prepare! All you need to do is blend some ripe mangoes with ice cream and add some sugar, milk, and dry fruits. You can garnish it with some mango cubes as well.

Strawberry Oats Coconut Chia Smoothie

This smoothie makes an excellent item for breakfast as it's loaded with protein and fiber. First, blend the oats until it becomes powdery. Now, add some sliced strawberries, coconut milk, chia seeds, and sugar, and blend all ingredients properly.

Garnish with some dry fruits before serving it to your little ones!