Plus size clothing tips you may need for the perfect look

Look chic in every size, the mantra in the 21st century!

The way to a good fashion sense and style is knowing your body and feeling great about it! Have you seen celebrities carrying haute couture with the confidence of being in pajamas and feeling extremely comfortable about it? Okay, we won't push you as far as haute couture, but we can uplift the sense of style you have for the perfect look!

Do not shame the adipose tissue: Embracing the chubbiness

The days of zero figure are long gone! Plus size is doing the rounds in the fashion industry all over the world. There is no need for blaming fashion on the adipose tissue, it’s only a connective tissue. First take a look at plus size clothing and pick multiple types of outfits that you like and we can start building a style unique to your body and choice.

Know your frame: From head to toe

You probably do know that frames of the human body vary widely, but are you aware that style varies according to frame as well? Know your frame, do you have broad shoulders with comparably thinner waist and hip size, or are they proportionate? Knowing your frame is the key, that way, you can skip the costs of hiring a personal stylist!

Picking the pieces: One after the other

An attire is made of multiple clothing items and this includes inner garments as well. For example, as a work outfit, a blazer may not be the right way to go, why? Say you have broad shoulders that are non-proportionate to your waist and hip size, wearing a blazer with a tight A-line skirt or trousers will make your shoulder look even broader than it is, and your waist thinner than ever creating an upside down triangle shape. That's not a great idea. Instead for this type of a frame you are better off with shirts and loose skirts and pants that shapes your waist and hips to look wider than they are!

Corset or no-corset: Holding your body back

The question of hiding body fat with shapewear is still highly debated! If you are undecided as well, give it a try for an hour and see if you feel comfortable in it. If it makes you feel uncomfortable to walk about wearing the shapewear, ditch the idea. Your body matters the most, and holding your body back to look a certain way will only work if you feel comfortable in it! If you don't get rid of the shapewear and instead choose styles that help you look the way you want.