Most Flattering Lipstick Shades For Dusky Skin Tone

Lipstick is undeniably the most beloved cosmetic of any woman. But finding the most suitable lipstick shade can be tricky for women with dusky skin tones. Dark-skinned women often find themselves in a fix while choosing a lipstick shade that matches their skin tone. While finding the correct shade can augment the oomph factor, on the other hand, applying the wrong lip colour can make you look washed out. So here are some flattering lip colour shades that are ideally suited for the dusky beauties. Brown is the new bold! Brown is by far the best lip shade for Indian dusky skin. You can choose from a wide range of colours, starting from tan hues and warmer browns like coffee to matte cinnamon shade. A brownish tinge works wonder on dark skin and can instantly add up more glamour to your look. Shades of brown blend well, offering a very natural look on dusky skin tones. Mesmerizing Maroon Maroon is a shade that always does justice to dusky skin. As a dusky beaut, you should experiment with all the deeper shades of maroon. If you are looking for a soft summery shade for a day look, opt for soft orange or champagne. But if you are not afraid of going bold, try a royal maroon shade. Red for the regal look Shades of splashing red are BANG on for you! Red lip colours possess the power to make the dusky skin appear more outpouring and bold. Another outstanding bet for women with darker skin tones is floral red shades like light red, cherry, Wine, dark peach, and mauve. Violet or Purple How can you refrain from trying darker shades of purple during trendiest times like now? But you must possess high confidence to carry out shades of purple. If you love everything quirky, purple is your go-to colour. Magenta to get the majestic look Magenta is a shade that can precisely demeanour your outer beauty. This elegant hue will dexterously highlight the features of your face, lips, and also your skin colour. Burgundy and Wine to spice it up! Burgundy and Wine seem to be the all-time favourite lipstick shade of dark-skinned beauties. The plum shade reflects the best on darker complexions. Burgundy is hands down the most jaw-dropping shade for dusky women. Ladies, give burgundy a shot! It will surely turn heads with your look. We can firmly assert that the aforementioned lipstick colours will elevate the charm of your dusky skin, giving you a flawless look.