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Master men's beachwear fashion with confidence

Here is how to elevate your beachwear fashion

Heading to the beach? It's all about looking good and feeling comfy. From chilling by the water to hitting the waves, your beachwear should blend style with practicality. Here are some chic beachwear fashion tips for men to rock on your next beach day.

Consider skin tone

When it comes to looking fashionable, it is important to consider how your outfits compliment your skin tone. Lighter skin tones pairs well with soft blues, pinks, and greens. Olive skin shines in rich khakis, oranges, and rusts. For darker skin tones, embrace the vibrancy of neon hues to make a bold statement. Choose colours that enhance your natural complexion for a harmonious and flattering look.

Cut is key

When your attire is minimal, the importance of a great cut and fit cannot be overstated. Even in the most casual settings, the right cut and fit can elevate your look. To avoid appearing unkempt on the beach, prioritize well-fitting garments. Opt for slim-leg swimwear if you have a slender build, consider darker side panels to complement larger hips or chunky thighs, and ensure any patterns are proportionate to your size. Tailoring your clothing to your body type ensures a polished appearance, even in beachwear.

Choose lightweight items

Comfort is key to fully enjoying your beach experience, so prioritize materials that let you move freely and feel at ease. Aside from packing a towel, you might be pondering how to keep dry during your beach escapades. The secret lies in the choice of materials. Lightweight and quick-drying linen should be a staple in your beachwear collection. Renowned for its breathability and summery appeal, linen is best showcased in shirt form. Embrace its naturally relaxed, creased appearance, or opt for a linen-cotton blend for a smoother look.

Stick to the classics

Some classic menswear staples are timeless for good reason, like the polo shirt and loafers. Opting for these pieces ensures a stylish, versatile beach ensemble. Consider tailored swim shorts with a vibrant multicoloured pattern for a beach-ready look that transitions effortlessly from day to night. Pair them with a simple tee for casual daytime vibes, then elevate your style by swapping it out for a cotton or linen shirt come evening. Harmonize your outfit by selecting a shirt colour that is connected to one shade from your patterned shorts. This adds cohesion to your beachwear ensemble.

Choose versatile over trendy

The key to a seamless transition from beach to breezy evening wear lies in versatile wardrobe choices. Opt for pieces that effortlessly adapt to both settings. A classic combo of a polo shirt and tailored trousers strikes the perfect balance between casual and refined. The formality of this ensemble hinges on the style and fabric of each component. When selecting beach trousers, ensure it is comfortable enough to roll up at the beach. Slimmer, tapered versions lean towards a more formal aesthetic and seamlessly blend in at beachside bars. Tailored swim shorts discreetly transition from beachwear to waterfront dining, while smart espadrilles and knitted polo shirts effortlessly navigate between laid-back and sophisticated. A long-sleeve linen shirt serves as a versatile layering piece and is perfect for wearing as a stylish over-shirt atop your daytime tee.

Opt for light colours

Brighter shades are a go-to for summer, and for good reason. Not only do they help deflect the sun's heat, keeping you cooler, but they also shine brilliantly in sunlight. Opt for hues reminiscent of the beach itself. Think beige, white, and sky blue for a vibrant, summery look.