If You Were Born In Summer, This Is What We Know About You

Even if you don't believe in astrology, some studies show a correlation between your birthday and aspects of your personality and health.

Thousands of individuals regularly consult horoscopes to gain insight into the days, weeks, months, and even years ahead. Your horoscope could have shifted recently, but there's no need to panic. The scientific community may not believe in astrology, but researchers have found evidence that your birthday and the season in which you were born might have real-world consequences.

Perhaps you're tall and muscular

Regardless of whether you were born in the summer or winter, a study has found that summer newborns had a greater birth weight than kids born in the winter or fall. Even though maintaining a healthy weight might be inconvenient, being overweight is preferable to being underweight and feeble. The same study also found that children born in the summer have a greater probability to be tall; perhaps this is because of the longer days.

Your body clock is more accurate than average

Have you noticed how your dog, regardless of its inability to read time, always seems to know exactly when it's time for dinner? Have you ever been able to reliably rise before the sun without the use of an alarm? This is what's nicknamed an internal clock, but studies have shown that newborns born in the summer have stronger internal clocks than those born in the winter.

You are probably immune to seasonal flu

In addition to messing with our circadian rhythms, cold weather can also increase our risk of developing neurological and psychiatric diseases. Some people have severe depression-like symptoms known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as the seasons change and there is less daylight. Babies born throughout the summer had a lower risk of seasonal affective disorder, according to research.

Your moods fluctuate more frequently

People born in the summer are more likely to experience mood swings and changes in temperament, according to a study conducted by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology. Professor of Psychology Xenia Gonda, who led this study, has found that a person's dopamine and serotonin levels are affected by the season in which they were born. There are two neurochemicals involved in determining how happy or sad a person is.

Your view on life is bright

Another finding from a comparable European study that linked summer births with mood swings was that Children born in the summer tend to have a more optimistic outlook on life, even to an unhealthy degree. This may be a positive or terrible development. While it's true that a positive outlook may improve your mood, too much of it might lead you to ignore or downplay potential problems. Here's what your body parts, in addition to your birth month, may tell us about your IQ.