Five Colors That Men Should Add To Their Summer Wardrobe

A lot of men struggle to move out of their comfort zone and try colours other than shades of blue, grey, and black (men's all-time favourite). But as warmer temperatures creep in, it gets nearly impossible to pull into these dark shades. Most men avoid wearing vivid colours because they don't want to look like a rainbow just splashed upon them. Navy, grey, and black are the safest hues for men, and in sartorial terms, bolder colours like red and yellow are often considered troublesome. Every man out there must learn to navigate the pitfalls of an expanding colour palette, and here I have tapped the expert knowledge to help you lighten up your summer wardrobe. Sage Green Green is the new black for men. It is just as versatile as any neutral shade and can be seamlessly paired with everything starting from navy to white and pastel pink. And because sage green is not traditionally gendered or loud, it's way easier to fit into your summer wardrobe. Dear men, kick start with a military shade for a more masculine effect. It works wonders in basics like chinos, T-shirts, or pocketed overshirts. Millennial Pink First things first, bubblegum pink that adorned the walls of your 13-year-old sister’s bedroom is not what we are talking about. Millennial pink has a wide array of subtler guises of the hue: think rose, salmon, peach, and blush. For a more casual look, opt for earthier and washed-out pinks for summer than the vibrant ones. Gen-Z Yellow Most men loathe the idea of pulling into yellow; as for them, it prompts a feeling of anything other than mellow. But let's be honest, this bright colour is tricky to ace and is far too powerful. Therefore, Gen-Z is offering yellow its moment in the sun again. Pastel Purple Purple is sadly the most overlooked colour in menswear. But it's never too late to follow the trendsetter's footsteps by donning in pastel purple this summer. Try your hands on this shade, and you will score points for originality. Orange Peel Bright shades of orange are best remembered as a seventies’ staple. But subsequent outings for orange came tentatively pale. Punchy orange has made a startling comeback and has transformed the streetwear collection for men. If you usually do not wear a lot of vibrant colours, this guide will help you "Summerize" your dull wardrobe.