Ask the experts: Is coffee really dehydrating you?

It is time to uncover the truth about your beloved beverage, coffee. Are you a regular coffee drinker? If you are one of those whose mornings, afternoons and evenings are filled with several cups of coffee then you must have thought about how it might be affecting your health. Well, you are not alone as they are plenty of people that are always wondering what is coffee dehydrating them? Experts explain that this is one of the most common concerns of most coffee drinkers. You might laugh at us when we start our answer with the generic “it depends” but this stands true in this regard. Here is how you can figure out how coffee is affecting hydration in your body. If you are one of the regular coffee drinkers Are you concerned about your daily consumption of coffee, especially that sought-after morning cup of coffee? Experts say you should not be worried as if you are a regular coffee drinker then your body would automatically develop a kind of tolerance thatwon’t affect your hydration level at any cost. And studies have proved that having about two to four cups of coffee every day has no impact on the hydration level of your body. Of course, the caffeine in coffee is known to be a diuretic. But with regular coffee consumption, you need not worry about coffee impacting your frequency to pee. But having said that it does not mean that you let studies impair your judgement and take it as an excuse for not hydrating yourself regularly and can lead to scenarios where coffee can actually dehydrate you. So, do not compensate your water intake with your coffee intake. Yes, there are people who might say that coffee intake can also be considered as daily hydration intake but this is false information. You must consume water that is required by your body. If you are drinking coffee occasionally It is a bit different for the occasional coffee drinker. The diuretic effect can impact an occasional coffee drinker. So, as a result, the occasional coffee drinker can feel a bit dehydrated. But having said that we must insist that the impact of this diuretic effect won’t be very intense. So, if you feel that after a cup or two your frequency to visit the washroom is increased, replenish your body with water and other liquids. So, pay attention to your body. And rather than worrying about coffee and its diuretic effect, stay hydrated and vigilant.