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Adorn your tresses with exquisite flower braid hairstyles

Style your summer looks with these fun hairstyles

Elevate your hairstyle with playful flower hair braids. The options are limitless when it comes to adding a floral twist to your hairstyle, whether you like fishtail designs or chic Dutch braids. Beyond aesthetics, braids offer practical benefits like keeping hair neat and tangle-free.  Embrace the creativity of braiding as you intertwine strands to create mesmerizing patterns and textures that reflect your unique style. Adding a few flowers to the braid can elevate your hairstyle and outfit. Bring out your creative side by trying these fun flower hair braids.

Braided bun hairstyle with flowers

Make a bold statement with a retro-inspired braided bun. Begin by crafting double Dutch braids at the nape of your neck, gradually working your way up to the crown. Secure the hair into two separate ponytails. Next, create another set of double Dutch braids, starting from the front of your head and weaving them back to meet the first set. Finally, gather the remaining hair into a mini ponytail and twist all loose strands into two chic buns. Complete the look by adorning the centre of each bun with a striking flower accessory.

Dutch braid hairstyle with flowers

The Dutch braid is a versatile style suitable for various hair lengths, effectively keeping hair away from the face. Begin by gathering a section of hair from the hairline and dividing it into three equal strands. Proceed to braid in the traditional Dutch style, incorporating additional sections of hair as you work your way down to the nape of your neck. For an added flourish, adorn the braid with small petals to complete the chic look.

Breezy floral braid

Embrace the braid trend with a twist by incorporating plaits into just the front section of your hair, leaving the rest flowing freely. To ensure the braid stands out, intersperse it with alternating white and blue daisies. You can choose the colours depending on your outfit.

Whimsy floral brain

Elevate your romantic look with an effortlessly chic tousled fishtail braid adorned with elegant roses. The texture of the braid offers a modern twist to a classic hairstyle.

Simple floral braid

If you're aiming for a floral-inspired hairstyle without using actual flowers, no problem. Begin by twisting two small sections of hair from each side of your head into a petite ponytail, securing them with clear elastics. Braid each small ponytail and secure them again with clear elastics. Take one of the braids and gently twist it into a circle shape, ensuring the top of the braid forms the outer edge of the circle and the end of the braid is directed toward the centre. Secure the twist in place using bobby pins, creating a charming floral-inspired hairstyle that is simple yet stylish.

Asymmetrical side-braid with flowers

Opt for a gentle aesthetic by incorporating a mix of pale and pastel flowers, interspersed with delicate smaller flowers. The asymmetrical side-braid adds a touch of effortless charm, preventing the overall look from feeling overly structured or formal.

Daisy floral brain

If you have long hair, a crown-started braid cascading over the shoulders will look oh-so chic. Adorn with delicate white daisies trailing along its path. This enchanting style exudes a subtle yet captivating allure. It is the perfect hairstyle to try when you want to go that extra mile for a special occasion.

Crown flower brain

Upgrade the popular braid trend by embellishing it with a crown of flowers or intricately weaving individual flower heads throughout the braid. Make a statement with bold flowers in striking hues.