A Guide To Choosing Lehenga On Various Occasions

Women of all ages love this three-piece dress with a long skirt, a blouse and an ornamental veil. If you too are a lehenga lover and want to look like a diva in it, we have got you covered.

In India, there aren’t many days when you are not required to celebrate some festival. Our country is full of a variety of cultures, festivals and events which need you to deck up with bridal finery and look the very best. In recent times, we have seen a rise in the popularity of traditional wear with both men and women. As far as women are concerned, the hot favourite formal wear among them is a lehenga.

Read on to find out more about everything you should know while choosing your perfect lehenga.

  1. Choosing the right colour:  You need to take into consideration the colour of your skin and choose a colour that accentuates your personality and amps up the tone of your skin. Fair-skinned girls could pick up bright shades like dark blue, fuchsia, emerald green or red whereas dark-complexioned beauties could raise the temperatures with hues of apple red or subtle orange in their lehenga. The girls with wheatish skin tone should stick with warmer shades like peach, light pink, rust red.
  2. Occasion: Always try to wear a particular dress with the mood of the event. If you are preparing to go on an event during the day time, then your lehenga should reflect the warmth of your youth under the natural light. The best bet is to wear shades like yellow, peach, pink and light green in your lehenga to ace the look. And if the event is to be held under the stars, then you could play with some glitzy colours and sparkled pieces of ethnic clothing which could steal the show under the artificial lights. Bright and deep colours on your evening lehenga would make you shine out of the crowd.
  3. Body Type: While choosing your lehenga, you must take into account the shape of your body and choose a design or cut that will enhance your bodily features and not make you look out of shape. If you are gifted with a slim figure, then you could go for more revealing blouses like off-shoulder, one-shoulder or deep cut ones which make you look like a Greek goddess. However, if you are little plump, then you should look out for lehenga with a flat and intricate embroidery that makes you look slimmer. And if you have a broad figure, then opt for fabrics like georgette or crepe so that you look thinner and classier.
Flaunt your impeccable style and great dressing sense with the perfect lehenga for you and get ready to make an impact on the world!