9 Fruit Dessert Ideas You Need To Try This Summer

Indulging in sweets during the summer is the most scrumptious method to beat the heat. Treat yourself this summer with these mouthwatering sweets.

When temperatures soar, there's nothing better to do than cool off with a sweet treat. We, too, are deserving of a reprieve and a little joy. Visualize yourself tucking into a scoop of delicious sorbet after lunch, or biting into a wobbling and wonderfully light pannacotta without a spoon of honey on top. In the summer, you should consume healthy and light meals. Now is the time to take advantage of in-season fruits and drink plenty of water. And what better means to celebrate the seasons than with sweet treats you make in your own kitchen with the bounty Mother Nature provides? You may satiate your sweet buds in countless ways, from ice cream and popsicles to jellos and kulfis. If you're adventurous enough to check it out, you won't be let down.

Lychee Granita with Watermelon

This ice granita, with its mingling flavors of watermelon and lychee, is the perfect way to combat the summer heat.

Popsicles with Jamun and Mint

Make purple popsicles with sour summer fruit to wow your guests. Extremely simple to prepare, you can add a desi spin by seasoning it with black salt and chaat masala.

Mango Mousse

This luscious dessert is a delicious way to use seasonal fruits and vegetables. A deliciously chill summer drink that will tantalize your palate.

Melon Jellos

Melon molds are filled in a fruity mixture and then chilled. The end product is a light and refreshing summertime treat!

Pannacotta with Mango Puree and Coconut

Try this delicious dessert prepared with real milk, gelatin, sugar, and the ruler of fruits, mango. Mint leaves on top can give it a burst of brightness.

Malai Kulfi

Saffron, cardamom, pistachios, and almonds flavor this cooling dessert cooked with reduced milk. Everyone loves this perennial summertime treat.

Fresh Fruit Cassata

The classic cassata, with its decadent layers, is a delicious way to amp up your taste buds this summer. It's simple to whip up in the kitchen.

Apricot Sorbet

Taste the delicious apricot ice cream that you created without the use of an ice cream maker. It is served with crunchy almond pralines and has a rich, creamy texture flavored with apricot puree.

Fresh Fruit Salad

This delicious parfait is made with fresh fruit, juice, yogurt, almonds, and a cool coulis.