8 Projects You Can Do This Summer To Keep Your Kids Busy

Summer vacations give the kids a lot of free time which can be utilized for learning and growing. Read on to know them all.

Just because your children have summer vacation, doesn't mean they have to be hooked to the screen all day. As parents, all you have to do is help get things rolling, then take a seat and enjoy the show! If you need some time to yourself to get some work done, here are some ways to keep the young ones occupied.

Make Cute Animal Cutouts

Find a piece of cardboard and an empty egg carton. Create the monster's face by cutting a pointed piece from the carton and gluing it to the base. Color in a head and a body for your cardboard unicorn or piglet.

Draw Life Size Portraits

Get out a roll of butcher paper, unfold a few feet of it on the floor, and have your kid lie down on it so you can draw a body shape. Keep a mirror handy to help them imagine the rest.

Play With Clay 

Use plaster fabric instead of traditional paper mâché for mess-free three-dimensional modeling. Create a bowl first by moistening the strips and securing them around the balloon's base. Don't pop the balloon for 30 minutes, once the strips have hardened. Use paint or markers to add some flare. Wrapping strips around cardboard of Styrofoam to create dolls or masks is an advanced craft activity.

Play With Colors

Give your child a black permanent crayon and some heavy white paper and ask them to create a picture. Encourage them to use as many different colors as possible while drawing an abstract design on a sheet of aluminum foil with washable markers. Colors may be transferred from paper to foil by spraying it with water and placing it, facedown, on the foil. The big surprise comes next. Carefully remove the covering to see your child's colorful masterpiece. Wait for it to dry completely.

Making Your Own Playground

Give your child access to the recycled paper and supply them with tape, ice pop sticks, corks, and twine to construct a miniature playground complete with loop-the-loop slides, swing sets, and monkey bars.

Treasure Hunt

A white crayon's purpose has now been revealed. Allow your youngster to use one to create designs or write messages before covering them with paints. In this demonstration of the resist painting technique, watch while the wax repels the water.

Finger Painting

Instead of a paintbrush, you may use your fingers, a sponge, a scrubber, a comb, flowers, foliage, a bath pouf, a toy vehicle, LEGO bricks, blocks, bread cutters, marbles, or anything else you can think of to give texture to a painting.

Playing With Baby Safe Foam

Put on their swimsuits and send the youngsters into the dry bathtub. Put some toys in a basin of water and a mountain of shaving foam. Turn on the water and give it a good scrubbing to get rid of it.