7 Ways To Stop Your Makeup From Melting In The Summer

Summer and makeup don’t always go well together because your makeup can come off with sweat and perspiration. Here is how to keep your makeup from melting away.

It's not just warm; it's sweltering outside, and both you and your makeup are melting. Each summer, editors speak with cosmetics experts to learn the best ways to keep your makeup in place despite perspiration. Take heed to the accumulated knowledge of five years' worth of heat waves. Makeup artists have a secret to keeping their stars' faces from looking shiny and sweaty even in deserts. The hacks and techniques are shown below.

Wear less cosmetics

You don't need as much makeup now that the weather is becoming warmer. When you use less makeup, there is less chance that it will leak. The temperature for Solange's Coachella performance was 112 degrees. Dana Delaney, who did her cosmetics, used only five items. On the day of our hot and humid Central Park cover shoot featuring Sonoya Mizuno, make-up artist Tyron Machhausen adopted the same strategy.

Swap out your foundation with concealer

It is recommended by professionals that you "spot conceal" in critical situations. Concealer, being thicker, is less likely to result in the sweaty Emoji-face look. Delaney recommends the Laura Mercier concealer because it is effective for a wide range of skin imperfections, from under-eye circles to bigger cystic pimples.

Choose durable products

No one has ever said, "I like an instant fading beauty product," ever. However, if you need long-lasting, full-coverage makeup, you should check out the many items on the market that make such claims. Makeup designer Beau Nelson states that modern long-wear products, especially foundation, do not appear caked on.

Blot instead of powdering

Powder on heated skin, as all beauty gurus will tell you, will make the skin on your face look resemble the bottom of a Martha Stewart cake. The powder adheres, clogs pores, and gives the appearance of a thin layer of dust over the entire face. Use blotting paper (or a paper towel, as Delaney says) if your face is getting shiny when your makeup is beginning to run. Blotting sheets help remove perspiration without harming your makeup.

Spread it out

Double up on eyeliner or bronzer if you don't want it to melt off in the heat. The secret is to layer. Makeup artists recommend setting the liquid foundation with bronzer and cream blush with a powder blush.

Use primer

Prepare your sight. In hot weather, not only does your T-zone get greasy, but your eyelids do as well. Apply an eye primer to avoid raccoon eyes caused by your eyeliner sliding around. The "grippy" foundation it produces adheres well to eye shadows and eyeliners alike.

Use a setting spray

It's a mist that physically locks on your makeup, making removal a chore. Every professional makeup artist we've talked to has recommended this for the summer.