7 Ways To Deal With Blisters This Summer

Blisters are the worst of what summer brings for u. Here is how to beat blisters and bring relief to your feet.

If the sandals you've been wearing this summer have been giving your feet a beating, try some of these remedies.

Rapidly Act

If you can apply a Band-Aid as soon as your shoe begins to rub, you're pretty much a rock star. To paraphrase the old adage, It'll stop pressure and avoid the area from exploding up into a wholehearted blister or a bleeding wound.

Soak your feet

Stella Abrera, a lead dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, claims that a lukewarm Epsom-salt bath can serve double duty by both drying up blisters and reducing swelling. To begin, melt a cup of clean Epsom salt in a warm bath or a pail of water. Tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant, so add a few drops and soak your feet for about five to ten minutes. It's incredibly soothing, and it always seems to have the desired effect.

Pop the blister the right way

Brimming a blister can bring significant relief, allowing you to put on shoes without grimacing in discomfort. Before popping a blister, clean your hands with soap and water and disinfect the area with an alcohol-soaked cotton pad. Gently pierce the side of each blister with a needle that has been sterilized over a flame. Then, gently press down until the fluid drains and the surface becomes flat.

Maintain Tidiness

This is less of a recommendation and more of an order, as an infected blister is far more unpleasant than a simple one. Wash the area thoroughly soap and water twice a day and use an antibiotic ointment to keep dirt and germs at bay. Put a bandage over it if you need to put on shoes.

Put on some Aloe Vera

Because it is rich in phytochemicals that kick-start the healing process, this anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial wonder plant is an excellent option for assisting in the speedy recovery from blisters, as explained by Zeichner. Try to find pure aloe vera, since this kind is the most beneficial and does not include any potentially irritating additives.

Wear Some Cushioning

Chilling the cushion gel-based pads in the refrigerator is ideal for an added cooling effect, which makes it your new best friend. They work like miracles on irritated skin. However, a push-relieving moleskin doughnut is the way to go if you're dealing with a giant on your heel. Simply remove a section of the pad, roughly the size of the blister, and apply it on your foot.

Use an Antiperspirant 

Although this is not the most flashy tip, if you are a dedicated knitter, you should give it a shot. To keep blisters from worsening, use antiperspirant because the zinc salt in it shuts sweat ducts and keeps skin dry.