Hot Days, Hotter Trends! Wardrobe Changes To Make This Summer

With the sun beating down and the mercury rising, summer is the perfect time to flaunt your hottest summer threads, especially if you’re a GenZ!

If you buy clothes at the mall or online, you might end up looking like everyone else. Rather than following the crowd, why not strike out on your own and inject some individuality? Here are some fashion hacks to look beautiful and different in the summer months.

Shorts With Lace

In the summer, no one can do without their trusty pair of denim cutoffs. Adding a bit of lace to a pair of ripped-off denim shorts is a simple way to elevate their style. All you need is a needle and thread!

Ribbon Sandals

Wow, isn’t that lovely? Making a cute pair of ribbon sandals from a used patterned scarf and some simple flip-flops is a breeze.

Braided Turban Headdress

Here’s a terrific way to breathe new life into an old tee with a catchy design. On hot summer days, you can quickly and easily sweep your hair up into a charming updo with the help of this adorable headband.

Cutout Tops

Many of Bollywood’s A-listers are regularly spotted wearing pieces with cutouts, which has become another of the season’s hottest trends. It’s a stylish approach to exposing just the right amount of skin without going too far out of your comfort zone. Consider the following as you experiment with creating cut-outs in your favorite tees, dresses, and other garments: Be sure to chalk or pencil in the sections you wish to remove before cutting. Take baby steps. Since every cloth is different, it’s best to practice scrap first, even if you want to execute a larger cut later. You should keep trying this on. After each modification, you should try on the garment to see if it is progressing as planned. It will be useful in figuring out what to do next.

Boho Shirts

It’s become more simple to create trendy, boho-inspired shirts with your own two hands. Obtain some plain black tees, some three-dimensional fabric paint, and some iron-on lettering.

Denim Clothes

This incredibly rad and bohemian concept is excellent for giving your leather jacket a really wild fashion makeover. So, choose some extremely cute and interesting patches—they may be anything—and sew them onto both ends of the jeans jacket. You may also make some bomb-stitched patches, lettering, and appliqués.


For this easygoing style, scissors are your best friend. If you want perfectly equal tassels, chalking out your lines first is a good idea. Ready, set, cut open the front of your shirt, dress, or tank top!


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