Feeling The Heat? 7 Tips To Keep Your Car Cooler

Summer heat can turn your car into an oven if you don’t take protective measures. Here are some effective ways to keep your car cool even during the hot months.

The cold of winter is over, and soon the heat of summer will arrive in full force. There will be times when you have to get in your car and start driving, even though the interior temperature is already at or over your comfort threshold. Here are some suggestions for keeping your automobile cool this summer.

Use Window Coverings/Sunshades

The tried and true approach of employing sunshades is our first piece of advice for keeping your automobile cool in the summer. Sunshades & window visors are inexpensive and may be found at any store that sells auto parts. When leaving your automobile in the sun, even for a short time, please use a sunshade and a window visor. The greenhouse effect is mitigated when you utilize them, keeping your car’s interior cooler.

Cover your dashboard

Use a dashboard cover to keep the dashboard from becoming a hotspot in your car during the summer. Once you do that, the dashboard of your car will no longer give you a radiator feeling after being left in the sun for a while. These coverings may reach such high temperatures that they prevent the dashboard acrylic from losing its color or texture.

Cover the steering wheel 

Using the console cover isn’t ideal, but it will help. The temperature of the steering wheel is another consideration. What’s the fix? Protect the steering wheel as well. You’ll be able to keep a solid grip on the wheel since the surface temperature won’t get too high.

Park Your Car in the Shade

The next, and simplest, suggestion for keeping the car cool in the summer is to just park in the shade. The easiest approach to protect your automobile from ultraviolet radiation is to keep it in a covered area. That way, the inside temperature won’t rise too high. Despite its obvious importance, many drivers choose to park in the first available spot. However, we advise you to take a few minutes to choose a parking spot with some shade. Further, a pale in color cotton bedsheet can be used to cover the inside in the absence of shade.

Leave a slight gap in the windows

Here’s another simple suggestion for keeping your automobile cool this summer. Just crack the windows a little. Keep in mind that steam rises. Keeping the windows cracked is the greatest approach to ensure that the car’s interior does not become too stuffy. Keep the windows closed or at least not open enough for a potential thief to reach in and unlock the car. The heated air within the automobile has to be able to leave, and even a little hole will do the trick.

Use Cooling Cushions

Use low-price cooling cushions to keep the seats fashionable especially if you have leather seats. Traveling over extended periods will be less tiring thanks to these pillows.

Install solar-powered fans

This is not the simplest method, but it is one of the most effective for keeping a hot automobile cold. Put money on solar-powered fans that can be attached to the window frames with ease. Simply charge them in the sun, then use them to provide fresh air into the car during hot weather.


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