7 Investments That Can Make This Summer Profitable For You

If you have been waiting for the summer months to double your investments, here are some of the safe places to invest in. Read on!

Although the adage advises investors to “sell in May & go away,” summer is still a good season to earn money. Plenty of markets and fields see increased activity and profitability throughout the warmer months. Let’s check out some of the best beach-friendly investments that will keep your savings increasing while you relax.

Theme Park Shares

Since gas costs are still relatively cheap, many individuals plan to take road trips this summer. Visitors will flock to Cedar Fair parks, among others. In May, June, and August of last year, shares of all three of these firms reached their 52-week highs. If this summer goes well for these establishments, their stock values might rise significantly.


Summer is peak travel season, and for many airlines, this is a year-round business. In addition, data indicate that the summer months are a good time to invest in airline stocks. Last summer, the Airlines Index increased by 5%; in 2014, it increased by 2%; and in 2013, it increased by 15%. Stocks are looking good now that the airline sector has weathered the storms of the previous several years and fuel prices are low.

Sport Equipment

People invest in outdoor exercise attire and footwear if they are actually going to use them. Under Armour stock increased by over 8% throughout the summer of last year, while Nike stock increased by 20%. The summer was also fruitful for other retailers of athletic apparel, such as Columbia, VF, et Foot Locker.

Food And Beverage

Over the past four years, the S&P 500 Food & Beverage Selective Industry Index has risen in three of those years. Take Coca-Cola as an example; between September and June of last year, the company enjoyed a 20% increase in share price. Monster Beverage’s stock price rose by 24% throughout the summer of 2014, continuing a summer trend of annual rises.


It’s a highly volatile part of the market, although it usually does well in the warmer months. From June to September 2014, the NASDAQ Biotech Index gained around 8%; from June to December 2013, it gained 25%; and from June to December 2012, it gained over 12%. Although the index did fall over the summer year 2015, this was only the third summertime reduction since 2005.


The technology stock market just does not take a summer vacation. The share price of Facebook increased by 11% in the summer of 2013 and by 15% in the summer of 2014. In the summer of 2015, Amazon stock rose by 24 percent. eBay, the online auction house, has also historically performed well over the summer, with its share price once exceeding the value of the S&P 500 index for five consecutive years.

Real Estate

When the weather is bad, no one wants to go look at houses. However, sales increase when the weather is good. When there are more buyers than sellers, housing prices rise. Median house prices tend to rise in June and then decrease again in the fall & winter, making a chart of median housing costs by month appear like a roller coaster. If you currently own property, this might be an excellent time to sell because of the warm weather.


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