7 Hair Colors Every Short Haircut Deserves

Experiment with these cool hair colours on short hair and fall in love with your makeover instantly.

Gone are the days when long hair was the only styling option available! With time, the more you experiment with your hair, the more you raise the fashion bar. Having a cute pixie cut looks best when added to the coolest colours. Here is the complete style guide to transforming your look into a trendy popstar that will increase your Instagram fan base by millions overnight!

  1. Bob Balayage-
If you think the ombre belonged to 2016, you probably miss out on a fantastic colour to go with the bob. Be it a wavy blunt or the perfect straight falls of your hair, the lovely textures on your hair strands look amazing and give a healthier tone to your hairstyle.
  1. Platinum Blonde-
The two people who owned the look is Katy apery and Cara Delevingne. As edgy as the colour is, the short hair look makes you look super attractive and flatters your tone. Having short hair goes supplementary to the colour as it gives a fuller look to your hairstyle.
  1. Dark Burgundy-
If you like carrying the natural hair look, this is the perfect colour to do. You don’t have to bother about bleaching your hair with this. Give an edge to this colour by cutting it with pixie or bob, and you can go as bold as you like without fearing any mess-up.
  1. Contouring-
Yes, contouring is more than just makeup! You can contour your hair with highlights and give them incredible depths. The careful placement of colour around the face with lights and shadow accentuates the best features and enhances your whole look.
  1. Rose Gold Hair-
For those interested in change between pastels and blonde, rose gold is the perfect colour for you. The beautiful coppery tone makes you shine with hints of gold and gives you an absolute edgy look.
  1. Dark Green-
A short hairstyle is perfect for experimentation, and while you are at it, why not go bold green. A head-turner for sure, dying your hair emerald with highlights of light and dark shades will give you the cutest look you could want for your pixie cut.
  1. Grey Hair-
Grey is no more a sign of old age, and it is more like styling your way in. some even say it is the new blonde! Style your grey in steps or pixie, and you are sure to steal the show.