6 Actors Who Have the Most At Stake This Summer

If you are a Hollywood buff who loves interesting and juicy news, here is some tea about the actors who are awaiting the summer for the big projects.

Some of Hollywood's most intriguing performers will have their resolve tested in the coming months. So, the summer blockbuster season is no holiday for them. A summer blockbuster would be a welcome relief for actors like Armie Hammer & Jesse Eisenberg, whose careers have been on the decline while rising talents like Carey Mulligan & Benedict Cumberbatch stand to benefit greatly from breakout performances. Who stands to benefit most from the summer, and who will suffer the most from it? Keep reading!

Jaden Smith

The record of studio executives in discovering and developing new African-American stars is much poorer than that of finding young males under 25 who can open movies. After the success of 2010s The Karate Kid, Hollywood is eager to see Jaden Smith's next project, the summer sci-fi film After Earth, in which he co-stars with his father, Will Smith. In contrast to his female contemporaries (like fellow youngster Chlo Moretz, who produces approximately a million movies every year), Jaden chooses to work sparingly and exclusively on topline films for Sony, his father's preferred company. Even so, if After Earth is a huge success, everyone will be getting their very own Jaden Smith car ready.

Benedict Cumberbatch

The star of "Sherlock," who is set to have a huge 2013, will see the release of "Star Trek: Into Darkness" next month. This winter, he will also appear in "12 Years a Slave," "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," "August: Osage County," and "The Fifth Estate," a biopic about Julian Assange. Marketers have put a lot of emphasis on Benedict Cumberbatch's unnamed antagonist, but although cinephiles are curious about his role, the general public will see him and be like, "Who is that?"

Emma Watson

Emma Watson remains in search of the film that would make her name while former Harry Potter work together Daniel Radcliffe found success after the franchise with the sleeper smash The Woman in Black. We're already consumed with every line the woman croaks out in the trailer for Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring (where she plays a young thief), and for the apocalyptic comedy, This Is the Beginning both of which will be released this summer.

Henry Cavill

Since his time on The Tudors, the attractive Cavill has been attracting attention, but his leading parts in Immortals & The Cold Light of Day have drawn more attention to his ripped physique than to his acting chops. Will Man of Steel, the Superman movie coming out this summer, make Cavill a household name? We'll soon find out if Cavill's career trajectory soars higher than that of other recent men who wear the S, including Tom Welling & Brandon Routh, who have subsequently found some speed bumps.

Michael B. Jordan

The Friday Night Lights star, who also appeared in the 2014 film Chronicle, gives a powerful performance as Oscar Grant, a man without a gun who is murdered at a Bay Area BART station. Sundance crowds sobbed through the picture, and now it's off to Cannes, where it's expected to do well.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds was offered every film in town after The Proposal's massive success in 2009. Green Lantern, a flop in the superhero film genre, and The Change-Up, a flop in the comedy genre, both came under his watch that summer and completely reversed his fortunes.