5 Books That Are Perfect For The Start Of Summer

If you are a voracious reader waiting for the summer months to start your book, we are here with the list that will keep you hooked till the last page. Read on!

Changing the books you read is one option for the new month. The winter months are ideal for reading that massive tome or epic novel because of the tendency to hibernate. Many people prefer to read page-turners on the beach during the summer. Perhaps the solitude and coming chill of autumn are ideal for contemplating seeming contradictions and enigmas. But what about now, when spring has entered and everything looks and feels new and full of vitality? It's possible to find advice on the web.


The spring reading list compiled by Circe is full of literary recommendations, many of which are translations. The ideal spring reading should get you ready for summer's boundless energy and heighten the enjoyment of the in-between, even if it's only for a few weeks. She thinks you should use it to welcome the future's unpredictability. So, what makes sense? She recommends that you read Circe by Miller. The story of Circe, a banished sorceress who transformed Odysseus's soldiers into pigs, is retold in this "juicy reimagining."

The Pisces

Do you want to read another aquatic fiction? Mashable has included Broder's The Pisces on its list of recommended spring readings. Lucy is a Ph.D. candidate who has been working on her doctoral thesis for nine years, and her story is told in this book. Lucy and her boyfriend part up, and on her summer visit to her sister in Los Angeles, she meets and falls in love with an adorable merman, as the site describes.

The Year of Less

This more realistic option may motivate you to go the extra mile in your spring cleaning this year. Flanders, then in his twenties, recounts the year he went without buying anything beyond necessities like food and fuel. Along the way, she gave away 70 percent of her stuff, stopped watching television, explored the zero waste movement, and learned to mend things rather than toss them away.

Failure Is An Option

This BookBub pick by comic H. Jon Benjamin has the lofty goal of "reminding everyone as great as triumph can be, the loss is additionally an option." Plus, it may be your best bet. If spring is the season to embark on audacious endeavors, then perhaps reading humorous accounts of failure with its subsequent benefits will encourage you to think even larger.


Looking to relax on Memorial Day with something business-related that won't weigh you down? Why not pick up this book, which has been named one of Amazon's best sellers for the year? Ambition, youth, affection, and the high-tech industry are all here in this hilarious first novel by a Buzzfeed writer.