10 Cool And Easy Summer Recipes You Can Make

If you have been looking up some easy recipes to make this summer, we have the perfect list to get you started. Read on to know them all.

Now is the time to round up the greatest recipes for dealing with the searing heat of summer before it arrives, so get out your grills and blenders, mix up some shakes, and get to work.

Frozen treats made with strawberries and bananas

We dare you to think of anything more quintessentially summertime than popsicles. With just three simple ingredients, you can make the best-tasting popsicles this side of the Mississippi. Bananas, strawberries, juice from pineapple, popsicle molds, and some patience are all you need to make these frozen treats. They need time to freeze, but that's a little price to pay.

Salad with Halloumi, Fruit, and Arugula

This salad is like a breath of fresh air; it makes me long for summer. Arugula becomes a tasty foundation when combined with mint leaves & fresh basil. You can make the most delicious summer salad ever by topping it with avocados, pistachios, cherries and peaches, and halloumi.

Toasted Artisanal Tomatoes

These plump & juicy open-faced toasts are the perfect way to enjoy the abundance of in-season heirloom tomatoes. Add some more flavor by topping them with ricotta, goat cheese, a drizzle of balsamic, or a sprinkle of salt.

Honey and lemon thyme whipped ricotta on toast

A hearty dinner may be prepared with a very small number of components. Fresh bread, ricotta cheese, prosciutto, grapefruit segments, and a touch of honey are all that's needed here.

Rolls of vegan sushi

Even though tofu and other forms of protein aren't called for in this dish, they are welcome additions to vegan sushi.

Arugula and watermelon salad

Avocado, hummus, smoked salmon, or cucumber would all be great additions to make this a more substantial dinner.

Barbecue Beans

Use a slow cooker to make a dish of beans, ketchup, mustard, & onions. A ladle serving up some slow-cooked barbecue beans. Let's make a pact to put canned baked beans at the back of the cupboard for good. There is no simpler homemade recipe than this one. To make the finest barbecue beans you've ever had, simply toss everything into a slow cooker and wait.

Mexican Corn Prepared in an Instant Pot

A bag of frozen corn is the foundation of this delicious side dish. Toss in some butter, creamy cheese, lime juice, & spices, and you're good to go.

Burrata with Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta for the Pantry

Burrata is at its prime during the summer months, and it's the kind of delicious cheese that goes well with simple dishes like this weeknight pasta that takes barely any effort to prepare.

Snappy Thai Noodles

This vibrant salad is quite pretty to eat because of all the fresh vegetables it contains. Add some protein and some heat (spicy peanut sauce).