Zinc-Rich Foods for Diet

A list of sources since the human body cannot produce and replenish zinc by itself       

Zinc is essential for the proper functioning of immune system, DNA synthesis, wound healing, physical development and growth, enzymatic reactions and protein synthesis. A few prevalent manifestations of zinc deficiency are loss of appetite, physically stunted growth, diarrhoea and impaired immune function.


Here is a list of easily-obtainable sources of zinc you can incorporate into diet.


The Nutrient-Dense Spinach


The leafy-green veggies besides being replete with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, also contain a healthy amount of zinc and are perfect for boosting immunity. You can extract most from spinach by cooking or adding it to salad and sandwiches.


Besides extracting a sumptuous amount of zinc, with spinach, you reduce the risks of cancer, regulate blood sugar spikes, enhance bone health, boost eye health and manage hypertension. 


Low-Calorie Mushrooms for a Delish Treat 


Mushroom is a protein, fibre and antioxidant-rich low-calorie ingredient whose versatility makes for a myriad array of dishes. Zinc could be obtained best if you prep mushroom salad, soup or curries. Mushroom consumption eliminates the potential of Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular ailments. Since mushrooms are replete with selenium and ergothioneine, they are an amazing source of anti-oxidants.


Besides, mushroom delays neurological illness, mood swings, memory lapses, cardiovascular failures and bone deterioration. Make sure the cooking process does not strip off the nutrients. Avoiding the sprinkling of fat and sauces to mushrooms, subjecting to severe heat or drying too much would ensure that you are absorbing the right quantity of nutrients.


The Lip-smacking Kabuli Chana


Kabuli Chana, the beloved chickpeas, is one of the best zinc-rich sources you can munch on after cooking in mind-bogglingly creative ways that do not meddle with the flavour. Among other benefits, you enjoy effective weight management, improved digestion and prevention of type 2 diabetes. 


Being stocked with plant-based protein, chickpeas are a delish addition to vegetarian and vegan diets that refill your body with fibre, vitamins and minerals. 


Nutrient-Dense and Crunchy Oatmeal


An excellent vegetarian ingredient beaming with the goodness of zinc, oatmeal is undeniably tasty and nutritious. Since oatmeal is easy to cook—you just need to sprinkle some on cooked milk, no labour is required to ensure that you are getting the daily dose of zinc.


Both affordable and versatile, oatmeal can be savoured as muffins, pancakes, smoothies, baked oats, yoghurt bowls and granola. 


The inexpensive yet savoury ingredients would go a long way in keeping you healthy and immune to diseases throughout the year.