YouTuber lets ChatGPT ‘control’ his life for 7 days. Watch

YouTuber Jorden Tually wrote “I let ChatGPT control my life for 7 days!” and posted a video that shows his experience of using the AI chatbot to make decisions.

ChatGPT has been making headlines since its release. People are regularly using this AI chatbot to conduct different experiments to test its power. Be it generating business ideas or using it to talk to robot dogs, social media is flooded with incredible videos related to ChatGPT. One such experience was recently conducted by Australian YouTuber Jorden Tually. He shared a video capturing his experience of letting the AI chatbot ‘control’ his life for seven days by planning a trip to another country.

How did ChatGPT help Tually plan the trip?

The video opens with Tually saying that when he asked his audience if they trust AI, the majority replied, “No”. That inspired him to conduct an experiment where he asked ChatGPT to make different decisions for him, from choosing which country he should visit to creating his detailed travel itinerary. The video shows ChatGPT choosing Oman for him to visit. The clip future captures Tually visiting the country, exploring different places and trying the local cuisine - all following the suggestion of the AI chatbot. At one point, he befriends a local guide who gives him suggestions about more places to visit.

Did the AI-generated trip impress the YouTuber?

Towards the end of the video Tually says, “Although the AI’s itinerary was really impressive, my two favourite activities actually came from a local suggestion. Along with that, it was the local people we met along the way that really made this an epic experience which is something that the AI just wouldn’t be able to plan for.”

“I am not sure we can trust AI with everything but it did send me on a WILD adventure!” he wrote as he shared the video.

Watch the exciting clip below:

People flooded the video’s comments section with numerous replies. While some had questions about the trip, others shared their opinions about the whole experiment. A few simply appreciated the YouTuber for making the video.

Here’s how YouTube users reacted:

“We need more videos like this from you,” commented a YouTube user. “Jorden! This is SO good. I'm still pretty impressed with Chat GPT, it did well! But yes, of course, you can never compare to the local guides :) You definitely put Oman on my bucket list now, I love the hospitality and all the caves you could swim in. What an absolute dream! Also, proud of you for posting a long-form video. Cheers,” posted another. “These videos are a great watch! Keep them up!” added a third. “Jordan, what an amazing video you have made about Oman. ChatGPT did a very good job, but there are other gems that you should have visited. Maybe next time. Thank you again from Oman,” wrote a fourth.

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