Yokohama's Women on Wheels Car Rally a Massive Hit in Bengaluru

Over 50 cars participated in the inaugural edition of the Time Speed Distance (TSD) Treasure Hunt format rally, with all the vehicles being driven by enthusiastic women.

In Bengaluru, the renowned tyre company Yokohama hosted the inaugural WOW (Women on Wheels) Car Rally. The eagerly anticipated car rally got underway with a bang, attracting both competitors and onlookers.

This thrilling TSD (Time Speed Distance) Treasure Hunt-type rally gave women who love to drive a platform and attracted over 50 automobiles to the event. Participants were challenged throughout the day as they went on an exciting treasure hunt, pushing both their cars and themselves to the maximum.

Harshawardhan Honmode’s statement

Harshawardhan Honmode, the esteemed Director of Yokohama India, expressed his delight at the overwhelming response to the WOW Yokohama car rally. He stated, "We are thrilled by the incredible turnout for the WOW Yokohama car rally. Our aim was to bring together women who view driving as more than just a means of transportation, and this event truly embodies our corporate philosophy of celebrating the motoring lifestyle."

Honmode further added, "The participants displayed tremendous enthusiasm and skill, serving as an inspiration to all. We witnessed a diverse range of cars competing, and I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate Yokohama’s commitment to supporting every customer in ensuring their drives are as comfortable as possible."

RJ Malishka’s comment

Renowned radio host RJ Malishka made a surprise appearance at the event, travelling all the way from Mumbai to Bengaluru to take part in the Yokohama Women's Rally. Malishka, a strong advocate for exploring new horizons and shattering boundaries, stated, "I firmly believe in venturing down uncharted paths and breaking barriers. Driving is a liberating experience, and this rally offered the perfect blend of adventure and fun for all participants!"

Karuuna Sharma’s words

Karuuna Sharma, another enthusiastic participant who travelled from Delhi, shared her observations on the increasing number of women taking part in such events over the years. She remarked, "It’s fantastic to witness not only professionals but women from all walks of life participating. The inclusivity is truly inspiring." Sharma herself is a seasoned rally participant with numerous accolades under her belt.

Exciting divisions and rewarding prizes

Participants in the Women on Wheels Yokohama Rally faced a difficult route that was between 80 and 100 kilometres long and included a variety of city, rural, and highway routes. The lively tournament, which was split into various divisions for amateurs and pros, took place as competitors competed for alluring monetary prizes.

The event was more than just a rally; it included interactive activities that were subtly integrated into the narrative, giving attendees an exciting and fascinating journey.

The Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Centre served as the WOW Rally's hospitality partner, while Yokohama collaborated with Chetan Shivram Motors as the rally's ground partner to make sure everyone had a smooth and pleasurable experience.