Yoga positions to help you get rid of your gastric issues

Do you often suffer from stomach related issues? Then we have some great yoga positions to help you out! Many of us in our day-to-day busy life often either eat unhealthy restaurant food or forget to eat our meals on proper time. This leads to gastric problems in the stomach which can often cause serious damages. But before you pop medicines to solve those gastric issues, did you know that certain yoga positions can actually help you relive this pain? Yoga on its own everyday can help people not only be in peace but also keep them healthy. So let us tell you about few yoga positions that can help you solve those stomach gastric issues… Child’s pose (Balasana) – This specific yoga position helps people relax their hips, legs and lower back. The way to do this is to get into a kneeling position and sit back on your heels, and then adjust your knees in a way that they are wide apart. Rest your forehead on the floor and allow your belly to fall heavy into your legs. This position is one of the best ways to relieve gastric issues. Happy Baby pose (Ananda Balasana) – While this yoga position is said to stretch your lower back, it also helps in calming the mind. Firstly you need to lie on your back with knees on the side of your body and feet facing the ceiling. With your back straight, use your hands to pull down your knees. You need to be able to stay in this position for at least a minute. Seated Forward Bend Pose (Paschimottanasana) – This is said to be one of the most effective ways of relieving those gastric issues in the stomach. Sit comfortably with your legs extending forward. After this flex your toes towards your face and sweep up your arms through overhead. As you do this exhale and bring your torso towards the ground by keeping your hands down on the mat. This will help compress your belly and relieve the pain. Extended Wide Squat – This is a pretty self-explanatory position where in all you have to do is stand with your feet apart and then bend down towards the ground. When you have reached a squatting position, hold it for 5 minutes and it will help you get rid of the gas build-up.