Work smart, not hard: Few ways to work smarter and increase productivity

Instead of working all day long, develop a few of these techniques to be more productive at your workplace.

We all want to be proactive and effective at our workplace. We want to get things done on time. The sense of guilt and sense of incompetency you feel when you lag behind your deadlines despite all the hard work is immense. That can increase your stress levels and affect your physical and mental health. We are no magician who can wave their magic wand, and everything would fall in place. Instead, we should work smartly and save our time and precious energy. Here are few of such tips to work smart or hard.

  1. Make a schedule
It is a known fact that nothing ever gets done when you have a lot of tasks and limited time. So, how can we remedy this problem? We should make a schedule and try to complete our task in that fixed time. The best thing about schedules is that you are prepared and if you religiously stick to the schedule then you get things done on time.
  1. Take help of technology to lessen your workload
There are many recurring tasks during your work hours that can eat up your valuable time. Like replying to emails etc. The best thing to do? Take help of various mail automation software. You can wrap up these recurring tasks quickly and efficiently and focus on the more important task in hand.
  1. Do not multitask
Ironically, people consider multitasking as a boon, but in reality, it is a bane. As humans, your minds are meant to pay attention to one task at a time. Even if some people claim that they can multitask, they are fooling themselves. Our mind constantly shifts focus from one task to another, and as a result, we often make a mess of things.
  1. Do what you enjoy
Well, work as a principle is not enjoyable, but if you are in your dream job, you would love every second of it. If you can’t do that (life is seldom so good), then focus primarily on a task that you enjoy doing. Even redundant job must have something that you like and enjoy. Finish them efficiently first.
  1. Plan
Before working, it is vital that you plan everything. Otherwise leaving the task for last-minute always mess up things. So, plan how you are going to do something and work around it.

So, don’t worry, breathe and plan what else can you do to work smarter?