Work-Health Equilibrium: Desk Equipment for Easy WFH Hours

Essential Ergonomic Gear for WFH Schedule

Contrary to popular beliefs, setting up a WFH environment is not entirely smooth sailing. While at the onset, it may require an arrangement of the bare minimum, but, with time, you realise the intricacies of this work set-up. Advanced planning would help you save resources and invest in furniture conducive to your overall well-being. 

Albeit the set-up and arrangement of equipment would typically depend on your job requirements, here is a list of office essentials relevant to all job types and highly crucial to maintain a good posture and health. 

Standing Desk for Stretching and Relaxing 

Standing desks are a worthy investment if you are required to work for hours on end and often without a jiffy away from the screen. You would gain from this purchase for a standing desk is flexible and you could easily change its height and angle as you shift from standing to sitting and vice versa. Besides preventing muscle pain and stiffness, these desks regulate blood sugar levels and weight gain, lowers risks of heart ailments – which is pretty common with desk jobs and substantially improves mood and enthusiasm to work.

A Friendly Laptop Stand

Since the entirety of WFH culture revolves around laptop screen time, you do not want to meddle with the standard parameters of using the device. Ideally, it should be kept at an arm’s distance and at an elevated length. The dimensions are necessary to prevent neck pain. At this juncture, the pertinence of a laptop stand or monitor arm becomes evident. 

As a portable piece of equipment, it could easily travel to your staycations as well. The adjustable stands also maintain a steady airflow and prevent the laptop from heating up. 

A Breathable and Soft Wrist Pad

The pains of typing or browsing using the touchpad, or even the mouse, are great. You get blisters besides some serious nerve damage around the wrist area with continuous resting at the desk’s edge. A wrist pad provides a comfy cushion and reduces exhaustion and stinging pain in the hand muscles.

A Sturdy Under-Desk Footrest

To spare your feet from unbearable pain at the end of a working day, position your feet on a footrest and ensure the right alignment of your entire body. The way a footrest works to thwart pains and stinging sensations is amazing. This buy would ease the ankle area, thigh and knees too. 

If you feel quite slackened down, time to rethink the furniture set-up perhaps?