Why you don’t need to Follow Society’s Predefined Workflow

When we are born, a charter for our life has already been made out. We go to school, complete schooling, enroll in college, get a university degree then or, even better, get a professional diploma so that we can bag a suitable job and then, well, get married. Now is the time for the checklist, acquiring a house, a car, having children, living peacefully and earning enough so that when we retire, we can live comfortably and wait for our end. We can compare it to a workflow: steps to follow to achieve some desired result.

In fact, such idea of workflow is our inheritance from the feudal society to which our ancestors belonged. At that time, the society was mainly village based and everybody had their well-defined duty, like the farmer toiled on their land and produced food, merchants sold merchandise and the land owners, the noble of the society enjoyed others’ service and supervised everybody.

However, at our present era also, we are supposed to follow the pathway, chartered by the society, so that we can serve it and the society surrounds us with a protective gear. If some students drop out from formal education and start substance abuse, they gradually fallout from our society and treated as outcasts. The society always warns us about staying in line, or suffering the consequences.

Still there are some examples, which had left formal education but created some breakthrough discovery which has created so many jobs for other people and have been hailed as heroes. It would have been never be possible for them had they followed the conventional social workflow.

In the twenty first century, the idea of breaking through the work flow is the desired one, if we want to make our life worth living. We can’t achieve anything if we are unable to think outside the box or to take risk and plunge in adventure. The adventure is not about to be soaked in drinks or slumber through substance abuse, but about thinking differently, coming out of our comfort zone.

In recent times, we have seen so many changes around the world; a coloured person being the president of the US, world’s strongest nation, a commoner marrying a royal, a schoolgirl calling out to the world leaders for saving our environment, a third world teenager shouting slogan against atrocities faced and so on and so forth. All these are calling to us for breaking through!

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