Why crying is healthy: Therapist explains

From improving vision to reducing stress, here are the many benefits of crying.

Crying is a natural reaction to an emotion. While we often associate crying is sadness, it comes with extreme happiness, and sometimes with trigger such as anger and distress as well. It is the body's reaction to an emotion, and helps in keeping the eyes healthy as well. "Crying is a healthy, normal, human function that gives you the capacity to reduce pain, keep your eyes healthy & create support networks,” wrote Therapist Anna Papaioannou as she explained the benefits of crying. Anna further explained the types of tears and how they help in keeping the eyes healthy:


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Basal tears: This type of tears is the basic tears which contain a fluid called Iysozyme loaded with antimicrobial properties. Basal tears also help in keeping the eyes moist.

Reflex tears: These tears happen as a reaction to something that has been irritating for the eyes – be it dust or while cutting onions.

Emotional tears: "Emotional tears not only have a calming and pain-relieving effect on the body, they also contain stress hormones that naturally regulate the amount of cortisol in your body,” wrote the expert.

Anna further noted down the benefits of crying and how it helps in keeping the eyes healthy:

Healthy nerves: Human tears are the source of nerve-growth factors, further supporting the growth and survival of neurons.

Soothing effect: Crying helps in lowering the stress hormones, thereby having a soothing effect and activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Compassion: Crying is a form of attachment behavior, and even though it is a personal process, it is seen to have boosted compassion and social behavior.

Pain: Crying – a natural reaction of the body to pain, helps in lowering pain by releasing endorphin and oxytocin.

Cleansing eyes: Tears help in keeping the eyes clean and moist.

Vision: When eyes are not lubricated properly, they can lead to blurry vision. Basal tears, produced every time we blink, are responsible for keeping the eyes moist and protecting the mucus membranes.

Stress: Crying is a way of the body to relief it of stress hormones – it is seen to reduce stress after a good cry.

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