Where Have All The Time Travelers Gone?

Imagine Time Machine is on a roll, I mean, not now, but at some point in the near future. Doesn’t it make you question then, where are all the time travelers? Why aren’t they visiting us?

Imagine all the billions of people who will be able to access the time machine, existing in a futuristic timeframe. Why haven’t we met even one of them?

With what we know so far, we can guess, in future, Time traveling is going to be used mainly by three industries, as follows:

Tourism: 4 Dimensional TourismCapitalisation. So, we should already be seeing tourists sporting Hawaiian shirts visiting us from the various futuristic time periods and spaces. They will probably spend a week in the past and go back to their futuristic presents. The same sets that we see booking travel vacations today, for example, the  honeymooners, the backpackers, and of course, the party-people.

Next comes the Researchers and Historians.

People from all strata of futuristic researches, the historians, the archeologists, as well as even the high school students will come for a field visit to their past, like we do now in historical field works. They will be o field trips and venture into their past to learn more about what have driven the future to their current state and what were the reasons – the hows and the whys. And all we could hope that they avoid stepping on a butterfly.

Finally, The Crime and The Law.

This will see a ground breaking change and we might even be locked up in a never ending time loop. Crime fighting will see some path breaking changes. Law agencies will follow that AI film pattern and stop these crimes before it even takes place. It will also be a lot easier to hide all people within a well-fitted witness protection programs which will have not ‘safe houses’ but ‘safe time periods’.

What does that mean for us? What will be the affects over the long term?

Well, human population hits a tap at around 9 billion people. Imagine all of those 9 billion people trying out their turn on the time machine! Well, this begs the big question here now, where ARE they? Why don’t we bump into one on a regular basis?

Does that mean future has not come up with a time machine? Or have they lost the way in some other period? Or are they hiding from their ancestors in plain sight? They could be the crazy ones we see often! Or it could be just as simple as people being able to experience time travel, without leaving their own time periods.

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