What to Consider Before Dating Someone Younger?

Because it is all fun and games as long as the honeymoon phase lingers

  Dating a younger partner is not strictly a recipe for disaster. They might not be Emotionally at Par with You If you are ready to ready to take the leap of faith with someone younger, you might as well need to accept disparities on an emotional level. Your partner might fail to take accountability for their actions, become defensive, demonstrate commitment issues, avoid confrontations or even plainly refuse from owning their mistakes. Their habit of bearing grudges might practically wear you down and leave you lonesome in the relationship. An understanding would prepare you better for smooth resolution of conflicts, differences and bitter resentment. Establish better communication channels and be cognizant of your feelings to thwart off any hurdles during interaction. Their Wants might Differ from Yours  When commitment level and wants vary radically, you are invariably on a separate page. The discordances trigger issues and complexities that cannot be brushed aside for long. In this case, even your priorities would not align resulting in spouts of disagreement and compromising situations. Unless you are ready to clear it out at the initial stages, the relationship might be headed towards a full-blown catastrophe. Often, you would end up feeling vulnerable and exasperated in this relationship where your feelings are not reciprocated by the other person. The differences can be talked about and sorted provided both of you are comfortable opening up to each other. Do not Blur the Boundaries between Two Lives   It is expected that your partner would have a separate universe, a microcosm of their own, not enmeshed with your life and it is okay to let them live the life. Unless you are willingly agree to the idea of individual existence despite being in a relationship, it might easily asphyxiate your partner leading to a toxic co-dependency. As much as we would appreciate companionship and togetherness, it is essential to remember that snuffing out individual identities is never healthy. Check the Things you Two Share  The idea is not to be indistinguishable from each other but rather thrive irrespective of differences and similarities by the veracity of understanding, maturity, trust and love. In relationship with a substantial age gap, even the simplest references to pop culture or political ideologies might clash or become irrelevant. To ensure that you two are not falling apart due to these differences, dig out your partner’s likes and dislikes. Share their love and passionfor certain things and strengthen emotional intimacy.