What makes BMW recall these five BMW SUVs? Know here

Car recall is common in the automotive world, be it voluntary or forced by regulation. In some cases, automakers recall a large number of vehicles, and in some cases, only a few vehicles are recalled. BMW is in the second category when it comes to its latest recall, as the German automaker has recalled only five cars, including one XM and four X7 M60i models.

The luxury car brand has recalled the single BMW XM and four X7 M60i in the US over a faulty exhaust system. The automaker said that the connection between the exhaust and catalytic converter on the select X7 M60i and XM might not have been made to the required specifications. As a result, one or more of the fasteners may not have been torqued to the appropriate value, which could possibly result in a loose connection. The company also said that the connection could continue to loosen depending on the road and environmental factors. In rare cases, the issue could lead to a thermal problem, increasing the crash risk.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) said that the issue was first detected on March 14 this year, when the company found an improperly torqued connection between the exhaust and the catalytic converter of an X7. BMW launched an internal probe and found that the select five cars had been impacted by the problem. However, the automaker claimed it is unaware of any accidents or injuries related to the issue.

BMW has further stated that the single XM affected by the recall were built on March 10 this year, and the four X7 M60i were manufactured between March 4 and March 11 this year. The automaker has further stated that its authorized dealerships will resolve the issue by replacing the gasket between the exhaust system and the catalytic converter.

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