What is Express Workout and how to do it?

If you are short on time and won’t compromise on exercising, this is it In this fitness and the health-obsessed world, one is not leaving any stone unturned to get in shape or at the least be healthy. Right from the morning workout routine, following a strict clean diet, to going back to exercising in the evening, people today are doing everything in their capacity to maintain a healthy body. At the same time, owing to the busy work life and hectic schedules, there often are times when one can't make it to their regular workout routine. In order to achieve the target time and be able to cheat on your diet, there is an exercise routine called Express Workout. Learning what is Express Workout For many, it is not possible to hit the gym for hours working out on the machines. In such a case, all one has to do is bump up the intensity of their workout, making it an Express Workout. No, this does not mean one has to skimp on quality. This exercising routine is simple for the reason that you have to increase the intensity of the exercise you are performing with each rep. According to experts, express workouts are the perfect solution for people with less time in hand but are looking for effective results. How to perform Express Workout Since the time involvement is less and the intensity exerted more in Express Workout, it is best advised to divide the workout into days. The idea is, you do each set of these exercises for 30 seconds. Forward lunges: Stand straight with your palms placed at your wait. Now, from the standing position, push your full body weight by taking a large step forward and lowering yourself until the front leg and the back leg is bent at 90 degrees. From this position, push your body back up to a standing position and repeat on the other leg. Push-ups: Place your palm on the floor, bend forward and throw your legs far behind, keeping on the toes. Now by putting all your strength on your arms and toes, push your body up and then down. For whom it might seem difficult, you can also do this by touching both knees to the ground. Planks: From the push-up position, instead of doing the rounds, just remain in the position. And instead of keeping the body weight on your palms, keep it on your arms. Other exercises are high knees, triceps dip, squats, goblet squat, skipping, mountain climbing.