Ways to help your partner feel secure in relationship

From approaching their flaws with respect to sharing compliments, here are a few ways to make our partners feel secure.

In relationships, often we go through times when we do not feel secure. This can be due to multiple reasons – from not having the sense of security about the commitment of our partner to something related to our own past experiences. Hence, it is important that we help ourselves and the partner feel secure to make the relationship healthy. With small practices throughout the day, we can help our partners feel secure in the relationship, and create a healthy space for them. Addressing this, Therapist Sadaf Siddiqi wrote, "Being a secure and safe space for someone is not the same thing as trying to fix them or being responsible for their healing."

Sadaf Siddiqi further noted down four ways to help the partner feel secure in the relationship. They are, as follows:


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Approach their flaws with respect: Sometimes people have a difficult time due to their vulnerability and sense of perfectionism. This makes them aware of their own flaws and the effort in trying to hide them. However, when they face judgement from their partner, it can make things worse for them. Instead of trying to criticise their flaws, we should approach them with respect and compassion.

Communicate: A small appreciation goes a long way. In relationships, we need to often remind ourselves and our partners how lucky we are to have each other. Making small compliments towards the partner helps them in feeling loved and respected in the relationship. This further helps in creating more intimacy.

Need: Every person has their own sets of needs and expectations. Rather than assuming that their needs with be in sync with what we want, we should ask them their needs, and try to meet them. This will help in creating better space in the relationship for each other to express themselves.

Boundaries: No matter how tough things get; we should always remember to hold our boundaries high. Which we should let our partners be accountable for things that they have done, we should also express them in a warm way for them to understand.

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