Way To Make Time For Exercise On A Busy Day

Smart ways to add physical activity to your schedule.

Sometimes time can go by so fast that you don't realise where it went. Before you know it the day is over and you didn't even get to accomplish everything you wanted for the day. One key thing that does not get ticked off on most people's to-do list is exercise, especially on a hectic day. While you may think a busy schedule may be preventing you from getting in a good workout, there are ways to work around it. Here are ways to make time for exercise in your busy schedule.

  1. Schedule your workout as if it were an appointment
If you love to-do lists, schedule your workout like you would an important appointment. This way you are fixing a specific time in your day to do some physical activity. Having it down on your schedule will make it hard for you to cancel on it or make excuses that it cannot be done. Find a time that works best for you. If the mornings are no good, find some time in the afternoon to get in a sweat session.
  1. Wake up a little bit earlier than usual
Multiple studies have found that exercising in the morning is more beneficial for your overall health. Wake up an hour earlier than you would daily if your schedule permits it. This may not be an easy hill to climb.  Waking up early will be challenging at first. However, over time you will get used to it and you may not even need an alarm to get you up. Push through the hard days and force yourself out of bed. Exercising in the morning will give you a sense of accomplishment and you won't have to worry about trying to squeeze it in some time in your busy day. Get some movement in your body going before breakfast.
  1. Make it something you genuinely enjoy
It is easier to get a workout when it is an activity you genuinely enjoy. If running is not your thing, go for a swim. Maybe you prefer Zumba over boxing classes. You could even switch up your routine, like go for a walk on one day and do yoga the next day. These days, there are many options to choose from. Experiment with different types of workouts to find what works best for you and improves your health.