Want Your Weekend Back? Try This Cleaning Routine Every Week To Relax On The Weekends

Don’t work hard, work smart!

Finding a weekly cleaning schedule that would fit perfectly into your busy week is quite difficult. It is even tougher to find a cleaning schedule that is easy to remember and follow regularly to prevent any sort of clutter. Maintaining a cleaning schedule is especially important if you want to keep your days simple and avoid feeling overwhelmed because of a dirty house. A realistic schedule is, however, suggested to get yourself on a steady cleaning track. Here are a few tips on how you can do a little cleaning everyday to avoid clutter or to avoid having to clean everything all together!

Keep The Mopping For The Mondays

A Mopping Monday is the ideal way to start your weekly cleaning schedule. Start with mopping chores because that is the one thing that almost everyone hates about cleaning. Mopping is tedious and there’s no way out of it. Usually, the energy level are high and restored after Sunday’s rest, so, mopping could be on your cleaning list. Moreover, mopping first means the major part of your cleaning duties are done for the week. Mop your entire house on the Mondays. Start with the foyer and then move on to the stairs, family room, bedrooms, kitchen and washrooms. Also, remember to vacuum along with mopping because the one without the other makes no sense.

Take Up Scrubbing Duties On Tuesdays

Get to the toilet cleaning bit on Tuesday. Grab your scrubs and gloves and clean the bathrooms. Cleaning the washroom every week is important to maintain a good hygiene. Plus, who does not love spending the week in a cleaning bathroom! Your bathroom cleaning duties should include scrubbing the toilets, cleaning the shower and the bath tub as well as disinfecting the bathroom counters and sinks. While you are at it, remember to disinfect the shower curtains, replace the towels, toiletries and bathmats as well!

Wipe And Dust On Wednesdays

Keep your Wednesdays for a wiping and dusting every surface and counter tops. Doing this would remove germs, grime and dust that have settled halfway through the week. Dust and wipe off every shelf and counters in the house. Wipe the doorknobs, windows, light fixtures, furniture and mirrors as well. Remember to clean the refrigerator shelves and handle, kitchen appliances and your blinds as well.

Thursdays Are For Throwing Out The Junk

Keep the decluttering work for Thursdays. Throw out all the junk and clutter accumulated over the past week on Thursdays. Make it a habit of decluttering every week to avoid the clutter piling on and becoming overwhelming after a time. In order to make your home organized throw away clutter like junk mail, catalogs, magazines, food, newspapers, torn clothes and other obsolete objects. Make this your chore for Thursdays.

Do Your Laundry On Friday

Since you have done most of the cleaning for the week, the last bit left is laundry. Do your laundry on Fridays so that you can finally shut your shop return to nice and clean sheets. Trust us, nothing beats the satisfaction of some fresh sheets for a good shut-eye. Do all the laundry work on Friday including old sheets, towels and clothes that you may use in the coming week. Once your laundry is done on Friday, you are good to go with your cleaning duties and schedule for the week. You are now set to enter into the weekend without having to worry about cleaning over the weekend. You can chill and relax on Saturdays and Sundays and get ready for next week’s cleaning sessions starting Monday again!

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