Want to start gaming? Here’s a beginner’s guide

Like the old proverb goes – it’s never too late to start.

Gone are the stereotypes that revolve around the adage: videogames corrupt the mind. Sure, that’s how most of us have grown up hearing. But given that the world has come to a halt, the pop-culturalization of video games have led to an increase of individuals introduced to the joyful ride of gaming world. And why not? Considering the collective screen-time could only fill the soul so much, video games are a sweet respite from the constant scrolling on social media apps.

Video games have transitioned to mainstream culture over the last decade, with esports becoming a multi-billion-dollar thing now. Games are respected enough now than before. No longer do we hear parents reiterate the harmful effects of video games as multiple research has pointed out that playing video games actually increase cognitive flexibility, hand-eye-coordination and even intelligence. No longer is it considered a mere waste of time. So why wouldn’t you aspire to venture out and start gaming?

Where to start?

If you are contemplating on gaming daily, chances are you’ve had spent considerable amount of time playing one game or the other. Whether you’re hooked to PUBG, or Call of Duty on your mobile and want to expand your first-person-shooter on a much larger screen, or delved in Mario Cart, Alto’s Odyssey – you have a basic sense what games you do want to play. That’s where you start.

What do I need?

Basic requirements would be a smartphone that supports the games you want to run.

If transitioning to a PC or a console is what you are looking for, there is some bare minimum you want to look into. For running latest games that don a lot of action, you’ll need a i5 processor, good graphics card and at least 8gb RAM. Sure, Windows XP let you run some small, old indie games too but if games like Valorant, Apex: Legends, Counter Strike are what you want to play, you’ll need to upgrade to a higher processor, better graphics card and 16 GB RAM.

Chalk out the budget you can spend on gaming equipment beforehand. It is wiser to start out small and build up on the experience.

Apart from the hardware, a good internet connectivity is an unsaid rule. Anything between 20-25 mbps is good enough internet speed for beginners. Start small, work with it, then expand as you go.

How will gaming help?

Games like Minecraft are enormously popular and have been around. It is a great place to invite your friends out for a virtual gathering. Gaming communities is ever-growing. You can meet great people with good tips and pointers to improve your gaming styles; a place for strengthening your game points and virtual social skills.

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