Viral story of the day: Man surprises girlfriend by displaying her photographs at Times Square

A video showing the woman getting surprised over the Times Square display has won hearts online.

Some people are excited about their birthdays and love getting grand surprises from their loved ones and an Indian man went above and beyond to surprise his girlfriend. If you are looking for something to make you smile, we have the perfect video just for you. So, a desi man surprised his girlfriend in the most epic way at New York's Times Square. Well, he played a video of hers at one of the busiest places in New York and you really need to check it out.

About the surprise:

The boyfriend displayed his girlfriend's lovely pictures along with birthday greetings, nowhere else but at Times Square in the US’ bustling New York City. A video showing the woman getting surprised over the Times Square display has won hearts online.

The clip shared by Instagram user Tales_by_Lekha shows the couple posing for photographs in front of a giant digital billboard. As she turns back, the billboard shows a video. She is seen getting surprised and watching it with awe.

“When he surprised me at Times Square NYC!!!” read the text insert in the clip. Netizens were delighted to watch the video. A user commented, “I was waiting for a proposal.” Another user wrote, “This guy has raised the standards now!”

She couldn't believe her eyes and her reaction was absolutely priceless.

Let's have a look on this cute video.

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The video went viral online with social media users showering love on the couple. The comments section was filled with sweet reactions.

"This guy has raised the standards now," a user wrote.

Lekha even detailed how her boyfriend was able to nail that heartwarming gesture.

How to do it on time square?

Several others were curious to know how one can get photographs displayed at Times Square. Tales_by_Lekha replied saying that one needs to schedule the video on TSX app after paying $40, approximately more than Rs 3,200.

“Hey ! For all u guys asking on HOW ?? Check this All you have to do is download the TSX app, schedule your video, and pay $40 for your literal 15 seconds of fame.Also make sure to be little ahead of the scheduled time because its hard to get parking in NYC,” read her reply.