Viral Story of the Day: Couple Bathes on Scooter, Case Registered by Police

The police in Thane have said that the investigation has been forwarded to the local traffic police in Ulhasnagar for further news. 

On Thursday, a video of a couple showering while riding a scooter in Ulhasnagar in Maharashtra's Thane district became widespread on the internet, leading a Twitter user to tag high-ranking police officers and request the registration of a case for such "nonsense in the name of entertainment," an official said.

The bizarre incident 

A busy intersection is where the event happened on May 17, according to the user. The incident was brought up on Twitter by a user with the handle "We Deserve Better Govt." The Thane Police reported that the local traffic police have been notified about the situation and will provide any updates.

"This is Ulhasnagar, is such nonsense allowed in name of entertainment ?This happened on busy Ulhasnagar Sec-17 main signal. Request to take strict action including deletion of social media contents to avoid others doing more nonsense in public (sic)," the caption from the handle read "We Deserve Better Government".

Action Taken 

Following a prompt inquiry into the allegation, the Thane police have handed the case over to the neighbourhood traffic police for further review and any appropriate action. Recognising the gravity of the situation, a police official from Ulhasnagar station said that a case has been filed against the man and the woman in the video.

The public is looking forward to law enforcement's reaction and next steps in addressing this issue as the video is still making its rounds on the web. The incident acts as an example of the necessity for attentive and appropriate behaviour in public areas, especially during inclement weather. In recent days, Ulhasnagar and other parts of Thane district have struggled with sweltering temperatures that are close to 40 degrees Celsius.