Viral Story Of The Day: Bride Issued Two Challans For Shooting Social Media Reel On Car’s Bonnet

The woman, identified as Varnika of the Allapur area, shot the Insta reel while dressed in a bridal attire a few days ago.

It would not be wrong to say that social media is both a boon and a bane. While there are some interesting and educational videos out there, there are some netizens that only make videos or Insta reels for the sake of likes. Call it social media-induced lunacy or just hunger for attention, the trend of going all the way out to get likes on social media can sometimes be not right.

In a similar case, a woman, in her attempt to get likes on social media crossed the confines of legality. In a reported incident from Prayagraj on Sunday, a woman, dressed in bridal attire, sat on the bonnet of a moving car in order to create a viral Instagram reel.

As expected, the video, which was shot in the posh Civil Lines area, soon went viral and caught the notice of Dharna Sthal police outpost incharge Amit Singh. Subsequently, the woman was issued two challans — of ₹16,500 (cumulatively) — for violating traffic rules.

Check out the video here:

A challan of ₹15,000 has been issued for her because she sat on the bonnet of the moving SUV while another challan of ₹1,500 has been issued for riding the scooter without wearing a helmet. Sub-inspector Amit Singh, who saw the video first, revealed that it was shot near All Saints Cathedral on May 16 while another video on the scooter was filmed around two months ago near the Chandrashekhar Azad Park.

During the investigation into the case, it was revealed that the woman was identified as Varnika of the Allapur area. She was the one who shot the reel while sitting on the bonnet of an SUV in bridal attire a few days ago. Varnika only rode a scooter in the bridal attire a few months ago ago too, and at the time, she did so without wearing a helmet


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