Unwritten Swimming Pool Etiquettes Nobody Told You

In the spirit of spreading harmony and brotherhood in the world of swimming pool enthusiasts, we have made an effort to educate everyone to respect and follow a few unwritten codes of conduct of a community swimming pool. Pass them on.

If you are a water baby, you would probablyhead towards the community swimming pool on a hot summer day. You like to get drenched in the refreshing water and wash away your worries. However, we all have had our share of tolerating those rude brats who are conveniently inconsiderate about behaving around in a community pool. Despite repeated requests from the concerned authorities, such people flaunt their audacity, much to the chagrin of the fellow swimmers.

Here are some basic swimming pool etiquettes to follow.

Take time to decide your lane: Every professional swimming academy or pool is divided into lanes with a marked speed limit to be followed. Sadly, we come across many self-assured blokes who love to hold other people up by failing to keep pace with the speed limit. Please abstain from such demonstrations as serious swimmers tend to get blocked by your slow timings.

Choose your swimming costume wisely: a swimmer should dress up decently to stop attracting eyeballs towards them. While you are not asked to be as conservative in your swimming costume as in 1934, you should respect the place and regulations of the place. Plus, we request you to forgo your decade-old saggy swimming suits and invest in a recent and more up to date version if you are not a regular to the pool.

Try not to race: The most irritating part is the competitive streak exhibited by a stranger to pick you up for a race to inflate their false egos when you are least interested in it. People often like to test their speed and engage in racing matches, but you need to collaborate with someone happy to engage in a race with you. It is better to communicate with the other party before you begin to overtake them and subtly challenge them for a match.

Abstain from idle chit-chatting in the pool: if you are in a mood to chat with your gang, it’s better to step out of the pool and then have your long conversations. It is plainly irritating to block a corner of the pool or form a group right in the way of other swimmers to talk about your family, kids, work and so on. If you really want to chat in the pool, choose a place that doesn’t block it for the rest of the swimmers.

So please mind your annoying habits and follow the pool etiquettes in a community pool. And if you count yourself as a non-conformist, you should probably think of investing in a private swimming pool. Good Luck!


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